(NEW) Uni Geezer: "The State of the Uni(on) 6/2/07

When you see the end “bit” you’ll get the title haha! Anyway I had fun as usual making this one, and it includes my biggest drop yet–over a full foot higher than that fedex box-drop I did a while back! (Not super big for you youngin’s, but scary Sh#t for an old fart like me!) I really surpised myself for even attempting it!

My goal is to jump my height (5’11") but luckily, from what I hear, people “shrink” a little as they get old, so maybe that’ll save me a couple inches by the time I’m ready!:stuck_out_tongue:

There’s also a fun romp (ride actually!) though the Home Depot, and just when i thought I’d made a clean getaway, I had a little “run in” at the exit!

Please leave your comments :)–it’s the reason i make these viddys…Thanks everybody, an I Hope you enjoy!:):smiley: :sunglasses:

Sweet video! The sound wasn’t working for me, only cause my speakers are broke, and wont kick back on anymore, but even without the sound, I enjoyed it, but I dont know what was happening with the last part. lol

at the home depot what happened?
did you run into someone?

I like the shop missions…
Have you ever UPD’d in a shop?

hopefully that just sounds more pathetic than it actually is

i would love to comment but i cant veiw youtube, teh only thining that works is google vid but that riding around the shop sounds cool…

Great Terry,

The Led music is great. Those drops looked painful :astonished: . It must have been tough to not try jumping up on the pallets and stuff inside Home Depot (and best that you didn’t.)

I need a UNI pass for the office. That is handy.

Ya that was good. Good music choice.

nice, you need to have more trials in random places :slight_smile:

btw: I was hoping you wopuld have put ‘rise against’ - state of the union as one of the songs :stuck_out_tongue:

Great video! The uni pass worked, eh?

I think I’ll do something similar sometimes and if anyone starts asking me to, I’ll confuse them by telling them I’m looking for the wheel department.

I’m not sure about doing those drops, though. I’m 19 and I don’t go that high. Not because I can’t or afraid of them, they are just not very good for your health. You choose, of course.


Yeah, that too. At least ride out if you have to do them.

Nice vid, as usual, Terry.

One suggestion: work on the camera angle a bit when it’s down next to your wheel. It’s pointed too much up and left. Better would be straight ahead with the wheel just on the left side of the picture frame.

Consult with Brian MacKenzie - he’s got it down to a science.


(rolls a better word for it)

Haha. :roll_eyes:

Yeah I tried to but my wheel kept sinking in the grass making it almost imposible to roll out. I think my jump was on the right track; side hop out to forward.

I’m going to build a small wood ramp so I’ll be hitting a slightly downward surface to roll out successfully. :smiley:

Yeah I tried to but my wheel kept “sinking” in the grass on impact, making it almost impossible to roll out. I think the drops were on the right track; side hop out to forward.

I’m going to build a small wood ramp so I’ll be hitting a slightly downward surface to roll out successfully. :smiley:

YEah at the end I did. Some guy darted in front of me and my tire hit his leg slightly.

Pump prices, WMD :smiley: Anther good one. I was mesmerized by the video showing the wheel. It looked like your laces were loose. Anyway, I think it’s time to try for a real challenge. Maybe a jewelry store or a bank. They could be training for the ultimate showdown Uni Geezer does Fort Knox. You ride through one of those and I’ll really be impressed.

5’ 3" drop, you may want to take care of that “loose nut” on the unicyle before you end up with a broken one.

Thanks for the entertainment.

Haha great comment as usual:D But are you saying that Muah is a “loose nut”? What, me, crazy?:wink: