(NEW) Uni Geezer: "Target Practice"

It’s been a while since I made a vid, so I hope you enjoy! In case you’re wondering about the title, it will become clear after the end creds, haha! Oh, and a little something right after that. :sunglasses: Although the riding is cake to most of you younger riders, it’s definitely challenging for this over-the-hill old fart! :roll_eyes:

Btw, your comments mean a lot and they’re the main reason why I keep making these vids!
Thanks everybody!:smiley:

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uUd_qPMLFQ

First comment! Now I have to watch it… :D. Hahaha, I loved “Roll it, Roll it, Roll it!!” Hahahahaha, and the thing with the kids was really funny. Im gald you got a new camera! (and put it to good use)

great vid yet again. i think i speak for everyone when i say im glad esta loco loca en la cabeza;)

Haha, I loved it! “How about some beer?!”

I definitely laughed when target appeared. I should’ve seen that coming. “Target Practice.” What a clever title. 5 stars from me :slight_smile:

Hahahaha, that part was great!

Another nice one, Terry! I especially liked the end, but riding up the tree in the beginning was great too. You’ve really got some skills. I hope I can reach your level some day. Those hops were terrific onto the grill and such. Also, funny part with the woman calling you crazy in Spanish.

Glad to have another Uni-Geezer video after the break. Keep it up!

you old people get to have fun, and not get caught. i would probably get arrested for riding in a store.
i get yelled at for riding at my school (when it is ok to). ok, it was during a highschool concert but i am off to the side. “you are being disrespectful, what if you get hurt, you are jumping on tables…” half the kids are my friends, if i get hurt i get hurt, what does me getting hurt have to do with anything considering the school is insured. and i think since the table is black and purple and my unicycle is black and purple they were meant for it. sigh
nice video though

Awesome video! Loved the riding through Target part! You’re a pretty good rider!

Wow dude…your videos are getting too good. Tone it down a bit.

“and the cashier says…” “roll it, roll it, roll it”


5 stars! All your videos are great and they just keep getting better.
Keep it up!:wink:

Hey Terry, I didn’t know how much I missed those flicks until I saw there is a new one. Then could not load it fast enough. The translation was funny. Your riding is always improving by leaps and bounds. Your riding is great and the video is fun. Thanks!

Best one yet.
When you were riding around target did you have the camera out in the open or in some sort of bag?

That was good. I want to see how you hold the camera that low to the ground and sometimes behind you. I liked when you rode up the tree too.

Thank goodness that you’re back. I just finished a short stint in rehab for my addiction to Uni Geezer videos. Now hopefully I can get on with my life without any relapses.

hahaha…i love the kids who steal ur money and camera…
ur reminded me of mike row from dirty jobs wen u were at your job and u jumped on the piano and stuff…
it was funny…

Good video!!! I liked the piano stability test! You’ve got to show the video to your clients!!!

yay there back! :slight_smile: I find it hilarious when you ride up to some1 and they have there back to you and then looked shocked as they see you ridding past, saw a few examples of the in the store :smiley:

Wow, I have to confess that this was the first Unigeezer video I saw. Know I know what all the buzz is about! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your next one!

You never cease to amaze me Muniaddict. Keep up the good work my friend. :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for all the comments from everybody so far! :smiley:

To answer the questions above, I actually hold the camera upside down, by the tripod legs! I keep the whole thing very close to my body and the wheel, and because it’s so low (has a wide angle lens too) it’s really not noticed.