New Uni For Sure! YeeHaa

Hey everyone. Just wanted to know if a Bedford 24X3 inch with a Gazz would be any good for trials. Not enough $ for a 20 and 24.

that’s neat

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yeah, it’ll be awesome. using a muni for trials is alot better than using a
trials for muni. make sense?


Uhhh bedford’s frames can’t accomidate a gazz x3

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The new “yuni” type ones can I believe.


Oh yeah, GO FOR IT! I have the Bedford set up: Yuni frame, 3 inch Gazz, Monty 158 cranks, Suzue hub, Alex DX rim… all in all a sweet, sweet MUni. And though I am still getting the hang of the longer cranks, as, before this the longest crank I had were 150’s, still this MUni is so much fun. As for hopping and dropping there is absolutely nothing that can compare to a 3 inch Gazz (at least nothing in my price range!:slight_smile: ).

I also have a Bedford set up 20 inch Monty wheelset with a Yuni frame which I do so love. And I feel lucky that I have both a trials uni and a MUni but if you only have the MUni with the Gazz you will be happy, happy, happy! :smiley:

That Gazz will have you hopping all over the place and the thick fat tire makes it tempting to try higher and higher drops on the very first ride.

and that’s my loonie’s worth :wink:


I also have both Bedford uni’s (the 20" monty and a 24" frame with a gazz) > I haven’t had an opportunity to ride the 24 other than at TOque so i dont know what it’s like on the trails but if the little riding i did (down stairs and such) is an indication of what’s to come I’d say go for the 24". The stairs I rode down felt like they were mere ripples in the concrete. Hopping wasn’t that much of an issue either. You get used to the extra weight of the tire quickly. By the way I saw your uni at the show Erin and it was sweet. I’m jelouse.(sp?)

Spickydoo, don’t be jealous,… just come out west and ride with us sometime… my/our MUni’s would love to meet your MUni :slight_smile:


I’m not sure the next time I’ll be out west, but it does happen on occasion. If I ever make it out that way again I’ll definetly bring my muni. Although it will be in Victora. Anybody know if there are good trails there?

Hey vortex,

I actually just picked a 24" Bedford w/ Gazz last week and am in Ottawa. Do I know you? If you want to try it out, send me an e-mail.


Hey Jason,

I would love to try out the uni. Are you going to Darren Bedford’s workshop in April? Details at:


It looks like a fun time. Plus, if I order before the end of the month, Darren can simply bring my uni instead of shipping it. :smiley:

Hey, there’s getting to be a lot of uni riders in Ottawa! Maybe come summer we can all get together for a group ride (that’ll give me a bit of time to practice).



Yes I will be going to the workshop. I actually fairly regularly attend the nanaimo park juggling club. I’ll drop you a e-mail and we can see about hooking up.


Yeah, I would love to see some sort of semi-regular outings going on this summer (downhill, trails, trials, sports, etc). I’ve talked about this with the uni riders at the juggling club and there is definitely interest. Hopefully there will be a good turnout at the workshop and we can start some discussions there.


yeah, a 24" big tire will work great for trials if you dont want to lay down the cash for too, like me. I just got a fireball and it’s like having two different unicycles when you switch from ball to intense.