New Uni for me

So I love both Street and Muni riding and am going to buy a new Uni in the next month or so. I currently ride a 20 in Torker DX which is ok for both but not particularly good for either.

My conundrum is that I can only afford 1 Uni and I’m split on what to get. I put in about equal time at both and I feel limited on trails with a 20in. That being said I’m used to a 20in.

Would it be smarter to get a 20in KH and use it for street riding and Muni?

Or would it be better to get a 24in KH and use it for both?

Or is there some other unicycle out there good for both Street and Muni riding?

Any insight would be great.

I personally would go with the 24" because it would allow you to go faster and you can easily attach brakes for it for Muni.

A 20" is much better at street, and is still fun for Muni. A 24" isn’t very good for street, but is great for Muni. I would personally go for the 20".

Is KH 20in strong enough for Muni?


it’s the strongest out there :smiley:

Ok, thanks alot for all the help. I’m going with the 20in Kh.

good choice lol

Since you already have a decent trials uni, and you enjoy both equally, I’d get a KH 24.

If you want better cranks for trials on your DX, these will fit on your hub.

In case you don’t know already

This place has the best price on the net for 07 KH’s. There is only small differences compared to 08, so this is a great price.

Are trials essentially the same as street unicycles? Because this Uni is a trial. Can I use it for Off road and street?

If you do MUni, you’d be much better off getting a KH 24" and keeping your DX for trials. Why have two virtually identical unicycles?

Hmmm… also a good point. Maybe I will get new cranks for the torker and get the 24in KH.

Yes, but some prefer longer cranks and/or ones w/ more Q-factor.

(how far the pedals come out from center)

For Muni, shorter cranks will make it faster, harder to roll over bumps, a bit less control at slow to moderate speeds, less wheel wobble at high speeds, pedal strikes on rocks less likely, and a bit harder to ride up or maintain a controllable speed down steep hills (provided you can maintain a decent pace, ups may be easier for you). If you have brakes, some of these could change.

Dumb Question

I am learning to ride on a (borrowed) 24" LX Torker. I will need to get a unicycle for myself eventually. Here is my question:

The Torker seems to work fine. What advantage do the much more expensive unicycles have? The KH and Nimbus both look pretty and are probably sturdier. What difference would I notice just riding around?

Thank you for indulging a beginner.

The Torker LX is fine for just riding around; the only drawback is that it doesn’t have a very comfortable seat. It’s not as sturdy as the Nimbus or KH (due to the square taper cranks), but it’s fine if you’re not going to be jumping around on it.


Get a DX. They are Tanks