new uni for fat man

howdy everybody, nice forum you guys have here. i am 49 years old, 6’-2" tall and 260#. i learned to ride 40 years ago,not that well compared to what i see here, simply amazing, although i could ride back wards, go down a few steps and give my kids shoulder rides. this is no kind of brag just wanting to let you know my skill level. belive or not i still have my first and only unicycle but have cut it down to teach a kid to ride. i would like to buy a new 20" to work on conditioning, balance, learn tricks, including hopping. i am afraid with my weight i wll tear the guts out of a new one. can you guys help with choosing a wheel, hub, frame, tire. be gentle now i got feelings too you know. that was a lie i realy don’t, so let me have it. thanks a bunch

The nimbus isis is a fantastic unicycle, super strong at a reasonable price. Would you be interested in doing any type of commuting or anything of that sort? A 24in unicycle might also be something to look at, the nimbus isis muni would be a great choice.

Both can take extreme riding with upgraded cranks. I have a nimbus wheel and have done all sorts of evil to and it’s still going strong. Both their frames are solid, as with everything else, but the stock cranks, they’re iffy.

Those are all available at I don’t know much about Bedford unicycles, but that might be better with shipping? I really don’t know, he’s based in canada, his website is rather outdated, maybe call him? There is also a Canadian Unicycle proshop or something to that effect, I’m not sure of their exact name or webpage though.

By the way, Welcome to the forum! Good having you. I did not realize this was your first post. You should look up UniGeezer on Youtube, he’s an older guy who unicycles, he’s an inspiration to the older types like yourself haha.

thanks wickedbob yes i could see riding some trails but the winters here are brutal so there will be alot of indoor riding and i thought a 20" might be better what do you think? looking from a durability standpoint only do you see the nimbus stouter than a kh or koxx or others? i am not afraid to spend more for quality i was also thinking longneck any flaw in that? thanks again

I don’t actually have any of these cycles but here is a bit of a breakdown on the different brand unicycles you mentioned

Great hub, good quality and flanges
light weight cranks, maybe a bit weak
rim is a bit narrower than the others but very strong
Frame is Cro-Mo, Heavier than a KH, some say stronger, some just say more reparable. You won’t break either

Over all good quality and a low price

Good hub, Great quality but flanges bend easily
Moment cranks, The standard for a bombproof crank, very nice
Oval drilled rims, Wide, Light, Strong, excellent rim
Alluminum frame is very nice, Light and strong, also shaped to be good for both trials and tricks. Most people who break one get it replaced for free, not many break. Oh and longneck is a really nice option.

Top of the line, Light strong, well designed, more money

Hub has some problems with spline size, apparently they are getting better but you may have trouble putting non Koxx cranks on.
Cranks are comparable to KH but may not be as interchangeable
rim is wide and light, not quite as strong as the oval drilled KH rim. Non drilled rim is an option, Heavier and stronger.
Frame is like the Nimbus but has pretty colors

Solid unicycle, has had some quality control issues but seems to be getting better. Might be harder to find.

Anyone with experience riding these particular trials unis feel free to correct or confirm. My trials is a mix (KH, Nimbus, K1, and no-name bits all mashed together)

edit: If I could get any trials uni right now it would be a KH longneck.

wickedbob i watched a little unigeezer on youtube he is a testament to old is all between the ears don’t you think? saskatchewanian thanks i am thinking of kh longneck with a second wheelset dedicated to indoor riding any thoughts on a nonmarking tire cranks peddles?

the white try-all tyre is great for trial, and is non marking
KH moments are the best cranks, although you cant put them on a Koxx
Pedals is a personal preference and I have never changed the pedals on my unicycles… they do the job so don’t need changing :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Terry is a cool, crazy Muniaddict!

thanks one wheel grape for indoor riding am i better off with a higher pressure smooother tire? and if i am going to have a second wheelset and can pick the parts crank length? wheel width? pedals? thanks again

well if your going to have another wheel set, you could have

  1. the original for out door riding, the KH long neck has a great wheel set.

  2. One of these wheel sets KH or Nimbus, with this tyre.
    That would be an awesome set up!

1 wheeled grape,the wheel sets you listed are marked 19" and the tire marked 20". will that in fact fit and if not will a 20"wheel and tire you listed fit the kh long neck? or is it made in 19"? so with 2 crank sets what would you guys choose for lengths? and for indoor, pedals that might not chew the floor up as bad. i hope i am not being too big of a pain. thanks some more

if your riding a trials uni. iv had 150, 145, 137, 135, and 125 all on my 20". currently im riding the 135’s cause im riding a koxx wheel (for now), but personally, i prefer the 135’s and the 137’s. 150’s are too slow and depending on which pedal you use, they might contact the ground when you make sharp turns. the 125’s are a tad faster, but they are a lot harder to control at lower speeds.

yeah… 19 and 20 are the same… it ill fit. Some just say its a 20", some say its a 19"… even thought the rim is 15"!?! It can be confusing.

I thought that the KH unis came with two sets of pedals but I am not seeing it in the description at UDC. If they don’t come with the uni Odyssey Twisted PC pedals are good plastics.

I would just use the same wheel indoors and out, If you are worried about marking the floor you could try a white try-all tire.

If you feel you really need a second wheel for indoor riding I would get this with a basically any non marking 20" tire. 125 or 114mm would be a good size for freestyle cranks, I would go 125 to start.

As for the whole 19"/20" thing, Some people call trials wheels 19" because the rim is an inch smaller than the ones used on a standard 20" wheel. The rim and tire combo comes out to roughly 20" either way. Some manufacturers will put 19x2.5 on the sidewall of a trials tire while others will put 20x2.5.

I haven’t read all the posts in here, but the Nimbus will be stronger than the kh. The nimbus as an undrilled rim, and the hub is better, the only thing weaker are the cranks, which can be upgraded to kh cranks right on the we site.

The reason people use the kh wheel set more is because of the wider rim, it makes a noticeable difference when hopping, on the nimbus rim (old kh rim) the tire will tend to fold a lot more.

Over all if you’ve got the money as the others suggest the kh longneck would be a really, really strong pro quality ride. If your not looking to spend that much yet, the nimbus is a fantastic option as well. You can get the white tires that will fit the kh rim from, if they have them in stock. If your going to be on the saddle alot, lets say freestyle, I suggest picking up either a koxx seat which I’ve found to be much better than the kh or I’ve heard good reviews of the Nimbus gel saddle, but I’ve never used one myself.

As for the frame, the kh does have a nice frame, I own both the kh longneck and nimbus frame. When sif (seat in front) hopping you can hit your legs off the nimbus or like styled frames and cut/ bruise yourself, the kh is flat, but rounded. The kh is also lighter. The nimbus is slightly stronger probably, but that doesn’t become a factor until you really start pushing yourself and getting up there with the really good riders.

I don’t think that that tire you listed will fit the rims you linked… Have you personally tested this?

I am a Fat Man with a New Uni!

I broke the cranks on my learner after a month of riding. I purchased a Mountain Unicycle 26" Nimbus from UDC. This unicycle is showing no signs of breaking after the following 2 months of learning to ride which includes riding off road singletrack trails, falling in technical sections, small drops, riding over medians and over curbs! Well, the right pedal creaks a little.

So far, I’ve have trued the wheel a little, tightened the cranks (checking after the pedal creak) and checked the bolts on the bearing caps as well. I am very impressed with how well the saddle stays locked in place with the double bolt seat collar. This uni is breaking in very well!

Now, I don’t know how much your kids weigh at this point, or if you still ride them up on your shoulders… but I weigh 235 lbs and I’ve traveled 1/4 mi to the auto-parts store with a car battery and back and the Nimbus didn’t blink!

I am endorsing a chro-mo frame, a UDC chro-mo wide hub (lateral strength), and if you ride rough terrain, or aggressively -a 20-26" diameter wheel for durability. Wheel choice dictates speed, terrain, and distance to exertion, so that has more to do with riding style. The reason I’m recommending Nimbus is because of the outgoing nature and professionalism that I experienced from


the people at UDC are no problem, its the website, and errors with orders(that they fix reasonably)

hey fella’s, losts of good info thanks. i went to a local bike shop here yesterday after work and saw a torker hanging from the ceiling and asked the clerk to look at it. he gave it to me and i briefly looked at it and did not care for the workmanship. ( i weld for a living) he asked me if i knew about unicycles. i shrugged my shoulders , mounted it and took off riding through the store with him in tow telling me how i cant ride it. i was going between clothes racks fowards and when he would get to close i would back up and tell him he was crowding me. he was getting madder by the second all the while telling me about liability. i figured he was going to blow a gasket so i rode back to the front of store and handed it back to him. i explained to him that i would not by a product that i could not try and turned around and walked out grinning ear to ear. it really made my day. some people are too easy! i looked at municycle ca today and can get a longneck kh for just short of 600 landed here. that got me thinking about getting their signature nimbus for just short of 400 landed here and a kh 24. have i gone out of my mind?

Yes, and welcome to the club :slight_smile:

I can’t believe that they didn’t want you to try stuff out at a bike shop! Do they prevent people from riding the bikes as well? I usually ride half a dozen bikes before I decide which one to buy, I couldn’t imagine buying a bike from a shop that would not let me ride it first.

I have a (mostly) Torker DX 24 and the welds looked fine to me but it was a heavy beast and not the best design. Nimbus pretty much took over their spot on the market for strong not to expensive unis.

No, actually I didn’t think about that :astonished: :thinking: Otherwise the white Try-all is great though, and that will definitely fit!

Hey, if you have the money to spend, go for it! The signature cycles are awesome!
The only thing you may want to consider is whether to get the kh 29, or the kh24. If you feel you want to do hardcore technical muni, the 24 would be the best choice, if you would enjoy more xc, and riding longer and faster, you may be more suited to the 29’er. (It is definitely possible to do distance on the 24" and you may find you like it better, it depends on the distance and terrain you plan to ride)