New Uni Finished! - Almost

Not the coker but my other project - “The PIMP”
A free-ride uni with spangly bits.

Gold Magura’s are to be fitted

I am waiting on the finances for a new wheel-set which’ll be:

KH splined hub with cut-down cranks to 155mm
Mavic DH 24inch rim - the new (ish) one
Kujo tyre.

nice lookin frame,but can i ask why you are using a duffle bag as a seat cover? :smiley:

Mainly because it’s what I have - but partly because it’s large and it’s waterproof

what he didn’t point out is that the cover is if its the one I think over a custom carbon fibre seat base with integrated rails and the seatpost handle goes straight off the seatpost meaning you don’t stress the seat when hopping. There’s hidden pimpiness in that thar seatpost.

I reckon the pimp is seriously let down by the pedals though, those are totally not pimpy.

Is the mavic DH rim the only gold rim available or something?


surely you want some 24/7 slack pedals, in pimpy mx gold???

Joe is quite correct - it is a custom carbon seat-base, the handle is part of the seat rails thereby avoiding stressing the base which is left to flex and absorb some of the trail harshness.

It also hides special foam like they use on the space shuttle beds.

The Pedals are V12’s so actually they are VERY pimpy

The Mavic rim is the latest lightweight Uber-tough wide rim - and It’s not available in gold so I’ll have to spray it.

I might have to get a set of those pedals though


space shuttle…foam…i can se that just spelling disarster:(