New Uni DVD: TWNR Trailer#1

Well, I know I said Oct 31, but I thought you might want to check it out sooner

There will be one or two more trailers before the Winter 2005 release, I’m sure.

You’ll see that the approach I am going for is more than just ‘unicycle porn’, that’s starting to get old (in my opinon)

I hope you enjoy, here is a 7mb windows media format
If you need for it to be in another format, let me know

Training Wheel Not Required Trailer #1

I request you post it on a website with faster servers. For example (can’t believe I’m saying this)

Edit: OK it’s done…barely within the 10 minute editing period. The movie looks pretty good. One thing I really like is the fact that I’m not completely awe-stricken. This is a movie featuring riders at about my level. This isn’t really the unicycle porn that I’m used to buying, and it might just deserve a spot in my collection just for that.

Except the UW36…that is amazing.

There must be something going on right now, the servers are generally quick there.

(and as slow as it is there right now, it’s also garunteed to be available in 5 mins, or 20 mins as well…I doubt I’ll be putting anything up on this server anymore…it’s too unstable)

And this will help better monitor the interest in the trailer via my server’s webstats


I got it in 2 mins download time with Flashget - not bad.

Winter 2005!!! That’s some tease time.

Early Feb, I am hoping for

(but I have the footage now…why wait for a trailer?)

NICE! Love the UW36 footage and can’t wait for the DVD.


Nice work Sofa! That’s some cool footage. Clearly I need to get my Coker out on the trail and start doing some drops.

Looking forward to the finished project…