New Uni - Crank Options

Hi Folks,

I am on the verge of purchasing my first 29er (Nimbus Touring from They offer a crank upgrade for a little extra dough to KH isis
cranks instead of the Qu-Ax isis cranks that come standard.

Its simple except that I don’t know the difference. Should I buck up for the upgrade? I am not that rough on my rides - mostly road and trails…

I can’t imagine you would be happier with Moments than the stock cranks. If you do serious drops and start doing more technical MUni I could see it. Another good reason aside from durability would be getting dual hole cranks.

It’s a good deal more weight for no useful gain in strength considering the kind of riding you described.

I mainly ride streets/sidewalks/etc, with some very light trails when I get the opportunity. I’m still running the 125mm qu-ax cranks that came on my 29er.
My main temptation for an upgrade would be the dual-hole cranks (although I’d be a lot more tempted if they were available with a larger span between positions, e.g. 125/165).

Thanks! I like answers that don’t cost extra!

I may consider that option…Currently running 125s (127?) on my 24" Torker
which came with 150s. It took some getting used to especially on rough terrain and steep hills. Do you find yourself wishing you had a little more leverage than the 125s offer?

Well, around here, the only mentionable hills are concrete ones that arc over bodies of water (or occasionally over major roads).
I could conceive of wanting more leverage if I had plenty of long, steep slopes to enjoy, but the 125s have been sufficient for me so far. It’s probably worth noting that I’ve never spent any significant amount of time with any different crank length.

Why buy something you may not need just because it’s cheaper than buyng it if you find out you do need it? There is no perfect unicycle. There is only continuing expenditure.

I wouldn’t run cranks longer than 125 on a road/easy trail 29er. Unless you’re doing real MUni on it, 125 is fine.

The Qu-Ax cranks are way, way lighter than the Moments. They’re also very soft aluminum, so you have to be careful to keep them tight and not to cross-thread the pedals when installing, or the pedal hole will self-destruct.

I’d consider the Moments a downgrade, not an upgrade. They’re much heavier and also have a wider q-factor because they taper outwards.

Unless you are planning on doing trials or big drops, the Quax are much better cranks.

All great advice. Thinking I’ll go for the stock 125’s if later I feel like I need a change I’ll address it then. I didn’t know what the difference in cranks was, thank you all for your help!