New Uni compilation video idea.

i’ve noticed that there are a lot of short freestyle/muni/street/trials videos on this site’s gallery. i was thinking i could take it upon myself to make a video that is a compilation of a good bunch of these shorts.

there are only some things that i need before i can start:

#1)a way to port WMV files into quicktime, as my edit program is on a mac.
#2) permission from the rider/film-person to use their video
#3) a link from said person to their video in the gallery/on the internet.
#4) a good name for the video.

if you all could post your answers to these questions above in respective order (#1, 2, 3, and 4). that would be nice.

also, suggestions/comments are also accepted.

please don’t use quicktime.

Microsoft has a version of Windows Media Player for Mac OSX
Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X
I don’t know how well it works on the Mac or if it will allow you to import WMV files in QuickTime.

#2) You have permission to use any of my stuff, not that you’re likely to want to.

#3) See for some of the bigger movies.


I think thats a very very good idea, make a long feature online movie sticking all the various short movies together…

I think thats a very good idea, make a long feature online movie sticking all the various short movies together… Ok, well what he said, less one “very”.

I’m willing to e-mail you a little freestyle footage. I have a Mac, so everything’s already in Quicktime. If you’re interested, PM me your e-mail address, and how many minutes of footage you’d like. (up to about five.)

ok, addressing all your concerns:

#1) I have the WMV player for mac. i cannot port those types of files into my editing program. if, however, i can get a two-way porter dealy-thing, i can port stuff into quicktime format for editing, and i can port it back into WMV for posting in the gallery/on internet.
I can also burn into DVD format for anyone who’s willing to pay 10 or 15 bucks for the shipping and cost of DVDs.

Thank you, jsm. my email is abbabibble(at)gmail(dot)com if you wish to email the footage. i can review it and selct the things i want/ people want.
just please don’t send me files over a few megabytes (more than 10) because my email can’t handle it.

i too use a mac, go macs!!!
i have some footage from me and my friend riding at northstar, and some of it is pretty good, i also have some of corbin, bevan, and some others riding there

search the forums for “northstar” and you should find my videos
you have my permission to use them as long as you say the rider’s name in the credits, just PM and ask me to email you whichever ones u want


dude! nothstar! i live, like 20 minutes drive from there!
cool! i’d like to add a little local flava to this.

by the way, does anyone have a good idea for a name for this video?

nevermind: (this is an edit) i just had an artistical burst of thought.

how does everyone think of “Unicycle Sunrise”?

DUDE! where do you live? i’m down in the south bay area (san jose -ish), but my friend who lives down here lives up in truckee w/ his mom sometimes,
we should ride together if i go up there again with him

DUDE? who is your friend? i lives in truckee too!!!

do you know Lloyd, Kari, and Kyle Johnson? I’m friends with his whole family!

oh, and i need someone to help with the soundtrack. need some good songs! suggestions still welcome.

i would suggest attempting to get RAW footage files from the original riders you were looking to use clips of, the format they are in as soon as they are captured from the tape. this way you don’t have to sacrifice quality from yet another generation loss of re-encoding the video from an already encoded state, and you don’t have to fret over being able to import the footage to edit with. just my 2 cents, as one of the things i’ve come to be greedy with concerning video editing is the quality of the original clips [this would also knock out render times and RAM usage when editing with RAW files]

ah. you have a point.

if anyone could ship me a tape/copy of a tape (VHS, not PAL format, please) of riding, that’d be good too. PM me for mailing address if you want to do that.

i appreciate the fact that u asked for the original riders’/filmakers’ permission, doesn’t the fact that it’s posted in the gallery place it in the ‘public domain’ ?

and i mean that question in the strictly legal sense of the word(s)

Placing something in a gallery (even an on-line one) does not alter the copyright owner’s rights. They still have rights over the creation of derivative works, so Mat is doing the sensible thing here.

i figured he was doing the right thing
i was just curious about the legal implications

How about “Unification” for the fact you’re unifying everyone’s videos?