New Uni Club T-Shirt

Just had this new T-shirt made for our new local uni club. Thanks to “MattyJ” for the Uni design! Kinko’s made this while I waited (only 10 minutes!:smiley: ) and they supplied the “Beefy” T-shirt. $15 total!! Came out pretty decent IMO. What do you think?

looks good

I want one!!!

Actually I wanted it a bit larger, but it’s ok that size i guess (the print, not the shirt, lol!)

Ive got to find a shop that will do one for me.(Not the same design…Just a t shirt)

the picture is quite accurate, it’s even got that little band thingy used to hold the brake cable to the seatpost and looks like piano keys. nice detail. nice shirt.

Yeah I was really happily surprised how good the detail was, especially for price!

that’s awsome! nice shirt! the uni looks sweet:D

That uni does look pretty cool:)