new uni clicks....

so my new uni makes this clicking noise… i think its coming from teh inside of the pedal but im not too sure…i can feel it when it clicks too… what the heck is it???

First make sure the pedals and cranks are tight, since those being loose will cause damage. (Don’t forget the left pedal is reverse threaded.) If that doesn’t fix, feel how smoothly the pedals or the wheel turns, listen closely for the clicks to identify a bad bearing.

could just be the reflectors on the pedals


Some pedals ahve seased bearings and there is nothing you can do to adjust them. Some have cones and lock nuts, and you can get at them to adjust the tightness.

Clicks and creaks in time with your pedal strokes must come from either pedal bearings, pedal:crank inteface, crank:axle interface, or spokes.

If you can feel it with your foot, it won’t be the spokes.

Make sure the cranks are tight on the hub. Looseness here is the most expensive problem!

Make sure the pedals are properly seated in the cranks. (This is the least likely probem.)

Make sure the pedals are on the correct sides of the uni - a common and expensive mistake is to assemble the uni the wrong way round.

If you’ve done all these things, it must be the pedals. They are either adjustable or they’re not. In the short term it will do no significant harm, and pedals may well be your first upgrade anyway.

Enjoy riding it.:slight_smile:

Mine had the same problem. In this case the pedals were adjusted loosely. On the end of the pedal there is a nut under a dust cap. Take a socket and tighten it a bit. That fixed mine.

My uni used to do that I a titend my spokes and it stoped :thinking:

MINE did that on my new DX AND my 24" Qu-Ax before it.
I rode and heard a click ever now and then. I discovered that the rather acute angle of my shoe’s arch thing was clicking on the reflector every two or so pedals.

happened for me too but i t wsas only for a day so i dint worry (im getting new pedaLS tommarrow!:smiley: )

On a brand new uni it could also be spokes. A new wheel usually needs to settle, regardless of build quality. The better builds often have most of the settling (seating, whatever you call it) worked out of them before they go to the customer. A machine-built wheel is much more likely to make noises.

yeah mine does that one of the screws that holds the reflector in broke so i get a clicking

make sure you dont have a stick in your 661s and is hitting the frame

so what pedals should i get??

Don´t buy a new set of pedals until youre 100% shure it is the pedals that are the problem. I had the clicking noise also when my KH was new.

I rode it a little more, greased up the splines on the hub/cranks and the pedal threads with some copper anti-sieze a little. Don´t think that was the problem, it was probably the spokes that had to settle.

well layed down on my couch and put the seat into my stomach, and grabed the pedals with my hands and turned them and it only click when i pulled down really hard on the right pedal as i turned them( to simulate my weight) and it click in the same spot every time…