New uni and new tricks :-D

Well I kind of mentally slipped away from uni for a while, school and work hit me. I finally got around to gettin back to ridin like I am supposed to ;). So I wanted to post a lil thread sayin I got myself a sexy new beast from They may be out of those white tires but eveything else was still in stock. So I got me a white russian frame with my parts based on a blue and green theme, along with a pit fighter 2 post. Much lighter than the tank if any one remembers it :D. Anyway I finally got around to learnin demz flip tricks, not much but can hick, sex change, small flips what have you. Haven made a thread in a while so I wanted to show off my uni and tell ya even though there no vids, im still ridin!

And small clip since im postin hehe.

Very cool
What pedals are those?

The pedals from the new flight unis at

Mm… Sexy uni…

edit: you ride with your seat up your ass. (lol jk, long post)

Cool, you should write a review on them once you ride them a bit, I might wanna get some (I want fluro green pedals! :p).

That’s an awesome looking uni by the way, great color choice.

Nice, I have some of those pedals though. Was going to use them for trials, but the pins are not long enough to be grippy and I use ody pc’s for street. They would be very nice for street though. As for trials not so much with the stock pins. Now I’m just going to get some mg1 ti’s.

I have been using this make of pedal for maybe 4 months or so. I had a magnesium version from dans comp before. They are great for street, only downside is they are a spiral pin threading so grinnding anything other than rails is tough, then again all pin pedals suck for grinding on concrete. They are pretty light and seem very strong, I have put my old pair through hell and back, and they seem to hold up great.

(Seat post up the monkey hole)
Well when you consider im 6ft tall and all legs is really not that high, sif hops at htat hight feel bent over for me. Its lower then I used to ride, as compared to when I was makin the lil vid dirty bird that got everyone tellin me how much the post was sodomizing myself. But speakin of the post it is seeming to be VERY durable, I have had some nasty landings on it already, the stiffiner plate feels to be goin out since im gettin some play in my saddle. but the post seems to be holdin its own!

What happened to your old K1?

I wish I was aloud to ride in my kitchen…

LMAO! Im not aloud either, my parents were outta town for the weekend ;).

The old k1…Well lez go from top to bottom…
Seast was broken so badly that the play was OUTRAGIOUS!(sp?)
the seat post that Is so much like hte pit 2 cough is rusted
the frame is great, had it for over 2 years just beat up.
The wheelset…Isn’t even mine heheeh I think Spencer might want his Xavier signed rim back
the cranks and pedals, they aight.

It was just old, beat up, and needed to be retired!

LOL, it’s allowed (and I got to test the multi-quote… neato!)
Nice uni you have there Cody.

I apologize for my spelling. I knew there was something wrong there… but Firefox didn’t correct me :stuck_out_tongue:


Hawt uni

Wow well at least I wasn alone in that one :o. Im just lost without microsoft word grammar check lol.

That is one sexual seat.

the pedals are gusset slim jim. Although i think they themselves rebrand from wellgo.

koxx have rebranded them.

Like all pedals from Koxx, Point and so on

Most pedals are rebranded Wellgos.