New Uk uni meet south west

Sarah Miller and a few Friends are running a south west unicycle meet this year as far as I know I hope to See loads of southwest riders and some riders from further a field. THis was posted in the South west call out post.

Sarah Miller

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Re: Southwest call out
thinuniking <> wrote:

> hi i think you know i am riding in the south west, tree and phil in fact
> i will see you on saturday.I think there is going to be a unimeet in the
> south west but sarah miller and a few friends r sorting it out how’s it
> going sarah?

Plans are going well.
Here is the first public announcement

South West Uni meet , Saturday 28th Feb 2004 12noon-5pm
Priory High School sports hall
just off the Topsham road, Exeter.
Easily accessible by car or public transport.

Unicycle Hockey, Basket ball,fun games, workshops and UUU level testing.

5 pound for riders
1 pound for non rider parents etc
Free tea/ coffee/ squash/ car parking.

You need to surport this one folks. These events cost quite a bit to
hold in a good hall, if
there is enough money after paying the costs this time we can look at
doing it again and maybe making South West uni meets a regular thing.

Volunteers needed to help out with bits and pieces on the day.
More info will go onto a web site in the near future.

Hope to see lots of you there.

Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders

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01-14-2004 10:53 PM

No brakes, No limits…Felix

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yippeee! a uni meet near me!

i will definatly try to come got as parents first but hopefully they’ll let me is it near exeter train station? unicycling distance?

Some unicycles can give nasty pedal bites…i still have the scars to prove it

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01-15-2004 12:59 PM

mad as a clown

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Thanks sarah, do you have a uni i could use for indoors as you know I only have my trials as I really want to play hockey as I did hockey for a G.C.S.E and loved it not uni hock though also i would like to try my newer skills on a skinny tyre.even if you only had an old one I would be very greatfull. I will help with stuff if you want eg if phil and I could for a scouting ride of trials spots or something so we don’t spent half the day looking for them on the meet.I have done a little already when I have been to Exeter to get my braces removed YAY! I have seen some very nice dry fountains and some benches on the high street with wall(raised plant beds) to bench gaps.I hope you can make it tree as it would be cool to meet knew unicyclists and maybe show you how to diabolo if you can teach me to juggle i have never been able to do this and would be so happy if you showed me.
If you need a Giraffe i would think the butchers would be glad to bring theirs.I am sad to tell you that nick as far as i know has Quit unicycling as he has not been out with us in ages.
i have cracked ww and 1ft ww. and am starting tyre hops and unispins.

Clown is such a dirty word.


i’m coming!

it will be nice to meet everyone and unicycle hockey i can’t wait! :smiley:



Wheres Bristol in relation to all this then?


80 miles, or a short train ride away…


Might try to get to it, unless theres a party on that night! :slight_smile: