New UK Coker rider

Hi all,

I should be getting a Coker on tuesday or wednesday which is exciting and just wanted to know what riding is going on in the uk (preferably south uk), I know there are a few of us in the south and it would be cool to meet up.



Nottingham far enough south?

Good luck with the Coker. Have fun.

Where are you in the South?

i live around cardiff and am always up for a ride

Sorry its taken all week to reply. I’ve been riding the coker around poole near bournmouth.

I think later on in the year there’s an organised ride around the isle of whight.

or just rideing around the new forest is good fun.



I’m not a million miles from Poole, up in Yeovil. If there’s any chance of me being able to keep up on a paltry 29er I’m up for a ride…


good for you Phil coungratulations on joining the world of cokers of which i’m not a member but intend to be one day!

oops sorry i just coungratulated phil on getting a coker becasue i thought you started the post but you didn’t you were just the last person to post on it so i got confused sorry!

congratulations to tobylewisis on getting a coker! :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW it seems like a coker revolution is happening, everyone seems like there getting one or alreaday have one.