New tyre drag brake design

> Sounds like an interesting project. I’m looking at building a new frame
> with a brake also; it’ll probably be a rim or disc though. Which
> framebuilder are you using? I’d be interested in how much it cost etc;
> and if you’re down in Wellington anytime, how well it works!
> :sunglasses:

Hi Ken

The bike builder is Johnnie Foster, who lives in South Auckland. I
can give you his address and ph number if you would like them. The
pre-construction cost estimate is about NZ$500 for the frame alone. I
haven’t done an exact total of all the other components but all up
it’ll probably end up costing about $1000. Not too shabby compared to
ordering from! Johnnie has already made a muni frame
(brakeless) for Peter Bier (of Aklnd unicycling fame) which cost about

I’ll try to post a photo of the new municycle on the net somewhere
when it is finished.

How did you do in the King of the Forest races? How did you find it
racing against/with MTBers?

I competed in a bike trials competition recently and got 8th out of 8
in my class, or 1st unicyclist out of one! Results are here: click on the North Island Champs

Tony Melton

You’re right about custom building…with our pacific peso (NZ$) at the moment that’s gotta be the way to go! I’m about to go away for three months so my custom muni will have to wait till later this year, but let us know how you get on. (My two cents- Go with the rim brake or disc!)

Well done with the NI trials- only 4 pts off 7th place!

Yeah, I did the last three King of the Forest races:
Results here:
Race 4 and 5 (both at Whitby)

Race 6 results not on web yet but I came about 11/12 because it was really flat and I had no gears and so got my butt kicked by the MTBkers.

Also did the Makara peak relay last yr with a teamate (who rode a BMX)

If you enter the rec. class there’s usually enough old, overweight, unfit (sorry) people to ensure you don’t come last. Steep, moderately technical courses are also good since it limits the relative disadvantage of having only one gear and a fixed wheel. Give it a go, racing is a blast!

Ken :smiley: