New Twist for other muscles: Backwards

I use uni for a nice low-impact (if I’m careful) workout. Going up hills is great for this. To get some different muscles in on the game, I’ve been riding up hills backwards (paved only). Takes some getting used to and the steeper the hill the more tries it takes. Sweat pours.

So next I want to try rolling off a curb backwards. In my mind, its not a problem. In reality, I freak out at the last moment. To date: I have accomplished this manouvre zero times.

After that, maybe hopping up a curb backwards. I suppose you can take just about any of the listed tricks and skills and turn them around.

Does anyone have insight?

Re: New Twist for other muscles: Backwards

Find a short curb first, look both ways down the street before you fall backwards into the street. Practice idling over a bump, or hole.

Re: New Twist for other muscles: Back wards

There is no substitute for falling down, and no instructor quite as thorough as pain.