new tube pressure in my torker please help!!!

okay so i changed my tire but am still weary to ride because the tire says 40psi but when i fill the new tube to 20 it is very full and the new tube’s lowest tire is 24 by 1.75 and my tire’s higest tube is 24 bye 1.75 so what do you suppose i should do to avoid it from popping again a second day in a row.
thanks to anyone who responds

The first time I fill a tire I typically go to about 20 pounds then deflate it back to zero then inflate it all the way to the final pressure. The deflation step allows the tube to untwist if it had a twist or a fold in it after being installed.

Unicyclists routinely overinflate the tire sometimes by about 50%. So in a 40 psi tire we’ll sometimes put 60 psi in. A harder tire is easier for freestyle riding.

You can easily go up to 50 psi in your tire.

The caution when overinflating is to make sure that the tire is properly seated in the rim before upping the psi. Sheldon Brown has a section on Seating The Tire. After you’re sure the tire is seated correctly then pump away and you can overinflate.