New tube (need help)

I busted my tube on my 20" summit. I’m trying to figure out what size tube to buy as it is beyond repair. I have a Alex DX32 (I think 19") on it with a Luna 20 by 2.5" tire on it. What size tube would be suitable?


Just a regular 20x2.125 in my experience. Either way it usually says on the side of the old tube what size it is. How did you bust it?

u need a mod trials bike tube i think, i heard that trials inner tubes are much bigger than a standard 20" bmx tube. Ive never needed to look at mine so i dont know.
U can prbabaly get one fomr ppl that stock mo class (20" or bmx) trials bikes, onza, briza, megamo, koxx etc…
dont know f that helps at all

EDIT: sorry OWS handt posted when i was replying, so my post may be of no use now

Try to find the Pyramid tubes. sells them. They are listed as 20x2.125, but the actually go up to 20x2.35. These are the widest 20" tubes i have seen.


I busted it doing like a three foot drop I think. I either landed on something sharp or had the pressure too low and pinched it. Probably the latter. I’ve done much bigger drops and not had any problems.


Amen…(not christian)

anyway, Unibrier (Steve) found that the pyramid tubes hold up great. I think I have the “thorn resistant 20x2.125” on my monty. Even though i dont use that wheelset anymore it still hasn’t popped. (I’m currently using a luna)


Be prepared for a fight getting the tyre off! I was told to spray some silicon lube around the bead to get it off- can’t remember who said, may have been John Glazer?

It was a fight. I even broke one of those tire lever things. I may have even put more wholes in it with my eventual tool, a screw-driver.


Alright here are my options. I’d go to but I need a quick fix.

From my LBS, 2.125", probably generic, $4.99

From Canadian Tire, 2.35", Kenda, $14.99

I have plenty of money, but am still not sure. I’m leaning towards the Kenda because, I know the brand and I know its good, its wider, and I don’t like Don (owner of LBS). What are your thoughts?


well go for the kenda then, surely the inner tube closest to the size of your tire is the best choice (note: this is just what i percieve i dont really know much about this issue)


(spelling in my last post was abismal im sure i didnt leave out that many letters!)

So I get to Canadian Tire and it turns out the idiot I was talking to was talking about a tire. It looks like I’ll be uni-less longer then I thought. :roll_eyes:


It amazes me that they stay in business. That incident is SO typical of CT. (Although my wife and I fight over the flyer when it comes on Friday:D )

Just get the standard tube, they’ve held up great for me. If it’s only $4.99 which is peanuts, go for it. If it doesn’t do the job, then at least you have a ride of sorts in the meantime and can look for a larger tube.

Any 20" inner tube will do - they just inflate to the size of the tyre that they’re in. I’ve never had a problem with pinch flats on my trials uni.


one wheeled stallion- you were right, twas me who said that about the silicon spray. works miracles! avast