*NEW* Try-All Stiky LITE and SHIFT tyres... (read in!)

I am surprised that word hasn’t gotten to the uni world yet. Anyways in short, 19" tyres now have an undisputed king. The lightest tyre, far lighter than a Monty EC, and has thinner sidewalls than the original 19" Tryall Stiky… So far from bike reviews, the new 19" Lite is much much better than the previous in terms of bounce and responsiveness. Oh and you shave a load of weight. Weight weenies and people looking to enhance the ride of their trials unis… look in.

The 26" tyres are in 2.5 and 2.0 … These have kevlar walls, and the construction quality is very high indeed. The 19" sadly doesn’t have kevlar walls but that’s due to a different type of construction it has. However, these are now quickly becoming the most desired tyres in the bike trials world. The price tag is high though.

26" Stiky Lite 2.5… w/kevlar

19" Stiky Lite 2.5

^the 19" is the widest tyre of all 19s. It’s bigger than the Monty EC and about 4mm bigger in every direction compared to the original Tryall.

and be jealous. :wink:

(I wish I had one)

Very nice!
But i wonder why the price tag is so high? £50 for a tyre seems a bit steep to me, thats a quarter of what my uni cost? :thinking:

I just want white try-alls back :frowning: (although these do seem cool, if there price was lower)

They sure look great, but if the grip/shape is like the old Try-All’s, I’d rather try out a MEC after my white Try-All has worn down. I felt a drastic fall in my skinnie abilities when I changed from CC to that…

unigurd what happened with the skinnies? what made them harder?

Lighter weight is good, thinner sidewalls… I guess I will have to try it before I knock it. Probably won’t need another trials tire for a few years though.

I thougth that you started a thread about this a while ago. Maybe it was another of the bike trials guys, anyway looks like a cool tire.

That’s awesome, I might get one before September sometime and get my mum to bring it back to NZ for me :smiley: although the price is quite high…

I heard previously about the LITE but I dont remember if it was confirmed or not. I heard about a problem with it folding over easier than your standard Try-All.
Just a heads up. And like I said Im not sure if that was confirmed.

Some one has posted about them earlier (the ‘lite’ that is). They look good, what is the SHIFT Tyre?

I did post up an old topic with a preview of this. But now they are officially released, only a week or two ago. I’ve included the actual physical dimensions which can come in handy if most trials tyres are already a tight fit inside your frame.

-The Shift tyre is the 26x.200 tyre, it’s the new front tyre for trials bike. Weighs a shade over 500g. I didn’t post it in here because not that many would need it… though some 26 XCers might take interest.

The 19" has been tested for months and months, I’ve spoken to some testers and the actual retail version is the same since the protos worked out so well. The old try-alls were built like tanks and were tooo stiff. These are much nicer. People are getting a lot more out of their hops with these.

The thinner sidewalls change the feel of the tyre a lot, and the 19" tyre itself is much wider now. It should feel much better on rails than old try-alls.

was there anything on how it might be for street and flat? I would imagine it would be pretty nice.