New trip for Gracie? Maybe...

I spotted this the other day HERE
I would love to follow another trip online, she is waaaay cool.
For those who didn’t follow the X country trip, check the link at the bottom of her page.

Wow, that’s sounds ambitious. If anyone can do it, she can. However, carrying all that gear sounds like a huge challenge.

Thanks for the link. I followed her cross-country adventure two years ago, and I’ve met people who actually spotted her on her way across the U.S.


Dang, I’m jealous; I’ve wanted to do this trip, but haven’t had time to put it together. Go Gracie!

She was talking about doing that trip a while ago (7 months ago maybe), I didn’t know she was going to put it all together so soon. It looks like she will be carrying all her own gear too. Great Divide via unicycle carrying your own gear = tough! Good luck to Gracie, it will be fun to read the blog.

I wonder what kind of unicycle she will use? Parts of the trail aren’t suitable for a Coker. A 29er maybe? A geared 24 or 29er would make more sense.

She is going to use her KH29er (according to the website)

I cannot imagine carrying all that gear while riding a unicycle. Her gear list is suitable for backpacking (hiking) and it does not include food. She will be riding with at least 40 to 50 pounds of gear, water and food. Sounds painful.

Gracie came through Memphis on her cross-country trip. She stayed over a couple days to rest. The Memphis Unicycle Club hosted a backyard cookout for her so we got to meet her and hear about her adventure.

When Gracie came through Colorado I happened upon her on her Hoosier Pass descent. First time I had ever seen a Coker or a 36" wheel. It inspired me to check out the unicycle community again.

I see she’s coming through Silverthorn again…might have to join her for a few miles!

I hope she’s gonna wear shoes this time.

Her web site has been updated.

Good Luck Gracie.
See ya in Colorado!

Yeah, she will be. Not because they’re a good idea, of course… but because she is sponsored by a shoe company! I’d love to know how that deal was struck;

“hey, can you give me some money to ride a unicycle?”

“Ummm, do you wear our shoes?”

“No, I ride barefoot”

“Oh, ok, here’s a bag of cash then…”



PS Go Gracie!