new tricks?

im just wondering if this has ever been done. my idea is do a 180 unispin clockwise then 180 back anitclockwise so you land back on the pedals in the same position as when you started. so you jump, 180 one way then 180 back before landing back on the pedals. any ideas for names?

I think it’s been done.

Its called an inward small spin.


Inward unispin: An awkward trick in which the rider combines a body varial with a unispin; the body rotates in the opposite direction of the unicycle, making it a difficult trick to pull off.

Sounds more like a big Cross up, seeing as the unicycle moves 180 and back 180… sounds cool tho


cross-up :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Spencer. Yep X-up. Fun trick, not too hard at all if you jump high enough. The biggest problem is the fear though, since bringing it back is alittle scary. But once you first hit it it won’t seem as hard.

-Shaun Johanneson

Oh, my bad. I read it wrong. Yes x-up lol.


i bet you that within five minutes of reading that, shaun will have run off, and pulled one of those off.

Well within one minute of reading it I replied. But i’m eating right now, i’ll do it tonight, haha. Maybe, it’s hard. haha. Whatever.

-Shaun Johanneson

i made up a trick when i was bored last week. i call it a wheel ride.
you stand literally both feet on the tire, holding the seat sif, and walk, like a wheel walk ON the tire.

Thats called sideways wheel walking. Or it might be another trick that i dont know the name of, i’ve seen julian monney do it.

no no, its not side ways ww, its like SIF riding, but standing on the wheel and wheel walking.

Yes, I’ve seen Julian Monney do it before. It’s on the freestyle vid on the koxx website. Sorry.

Here you go.
(ok, so maybe I have too much time on my hands;))

Picture 1.png