New tricks!

some new tricks I learned but I still need a lot more practice

180 by dbat nonymous, on Flickr

wheelwalk by dbat nonymous, on Flickr

I still need some help on these wheelwalking will probably just take practice and I know I know lean back but the pedals keep turning when I spin and I’m afraid to but my feet back down on the pedals
any advice would be appriciated:D

just keep practicing with the wheelwalking, youll get to a point where you can pretty much come to a little stop, look down at the pedal position and be able put your feet down and continue riding. there’s no reason to really be afraid of putting your feet back on the pedals especially if you have jeans on. actual wheelwaking itself is more dangerous. as you get even better you won’t even have to look down, and you’ll be able to feel it out. i usually just put one foot on a pedal, and then i know where the other pedal is

immediately begin one footed wheel walking as well, it isn’t much harder than regular wheelwalking, but it will improve your wheelwalk balance in general. it will also lead to gliding, which is probably one of the most rewarding tricks to learn

i meant putting my feet down from the 180 but thanks

Yeah dude it looks like you’re almost doing a hickflip. Try and focus on jumping equally with both feet at the same time, that should fix it. :slight_smile: