New Tricks-post Them Here

ok, so since there are wayy too many threads about how people have invented/thought up a new trick here is a thread to post them on :slight_smile: enjoy

my ideas for now - jump OVER the unicycle (maybe just the wheel) into a crankstall/sideride that would be cool :slight_smile: im gonna try it right now :slight_smile:

A jumping dismount from one uni straight into a suicide mount onto another - without ever touching the ground. That would be pretty cool.

Foot grab when doing a unispin. Should be easy enough… (that means that I can’t do it)

crazy, pedalflip (for those of us who can’t do a crankflip yet)

if you can do it on the first try it’s not a real trick

crazy, pedalflip (for those of us who can’t do a crankflip yet)

Pedal flip is not a trick, its something you do when you are riding on the wrong side of the pedal (either from a grindplate on top or no pins in that side).

For new uni tricks, I don’t have any yet. BC wheel 360s are always fun though.

I “have” done those. Also, heel clicker unispin. (this is one handed seat in unispin).

I also “have” landed a few 360 tire grabs off of a drop, but I can’t anymore.

I tried that … its stupid hard and also a nutbuster :astonished: … and that was w/o the suicide mount!!

I have seen people do jump mounts from on uni to another, not suicide though.

I’d like to see a “superman” grab from a high drop!:smiley: But I guess you’d hold on to the seat or tire for the grab.


koosh koosh idleing one foot on each side of wheel and move them back and forth

its been done. and so has the super man thingy. a saw a pic of yoggi doing it.

1ft ww idle I have done it for about 15 seconds, damn hard

I’ve tried the super man an sort of landed sif but there was so much shock and I landed on my ass tried it off a six set.

i’m nowhere near doin this (i doubt anyone is), but here goes: a 720unispin quadruple flip - the Hat Trick

yeah well how about

wheel walking backwards one footed with the seat dragging out back, in a figure 8 with circle diameters no more than 3m

Has anyone done a handless, footless drop? I tried one off of five feet a while ago and messed up my knees. As soon as i get some saftey gear i’m going to try it again on a somewhat smaller drop.

like a… whatsit called… oh hell, i’ll make up a name for that…

that should be called the “deadman’s drop.”

that’s scary crazy, like even on my scary crazy standards.

i did one of those! i was jumping off 2 stairs and i tried to bail cuz i screwed up, so i hit the ground with no feet on the pedals. it hurt like a (insert beep here). i suppose it was entertaining to the two girls who had been amazed up to that point.