New trick ?

Hey i was wondering if this is a new uni trick ?
Sorry about the noise,it was raining

Why not? It seems a little sketchy though. Try to give a bettter example. :slight_smile:

Yeah its really hard to do and i havent practiced it at all.Im sure some other people could make it look smooth:p

Nah, Ive Seen That Before.

P.s. Sorry About The Caps Im Rendering Something In After Effects And Having Caps On Takes The Preview Away So Its Faster:d

I’m almost positive i’ve seen that, although I think it doesn’t have a name.

Edit: I may have even done that lol.

Argh damn !!! lol i’ll just have to think of something else :sunglasses:

uh, do that but kick the frame around and walk on the wheel, catch it and ride off, i’ve never seen that done(i’ve tried a few times)

i have not seen anyone do that to turn around.

If what you are describing is what I’m thinking about, then Tony Melton has done it.