New Trick?

hey i was just reading the Backflips post and this new street trick i have been thinking of came to mind… ok so you know how some one crank stalls and lets the frame spin around?(not sure what its called) but what if your seat was really low and yo hopped and let your frame spin around and then catch it… that to outrageous? i wont be doin it any time soon but i thought i might run it by you guys(and girls)

it’s been done in one of the newer koxx vids. well sorta. guys starts seat on ground in front of him, hops and swings it under and in back. it’s pretty intense. i think it’s been termed a “seat whip”.

Thats a seat whip. Nobody has landed one yet but people are getting close . It’s still cool that you thought of it urself even though it had already been thought of.

crap i thought it was such a good idea… to bad someone else allready thought about it eh? lol

Wait, do you mean no one has landed it from HOLDING seat out front to HOLDING seat out back, or from seat PUSH to seat DRAG.

The latter has been done but not the first.


it has been done i think i dont know the site but look up extreme unicycling in vids on google and the first one has someone doing one