New trick

Hey well I dono if anyone else has tried or landed this before but yea… it’s a 0plant double crankflip… I named it “skippy flip” you should all go try it right now it’s so fun…neways yea just leting you all know cauz I want you to go try it… haha… watch shaun do a quadrupal skippy flip…

What is it? I don’t get it. Do you plant your foot on the ground and do the double flip?

yep… a 0 plant is a crankflip like that… skippy is double… i can almsot do it with triple but i dono I fall on my face when I put my foot down :thinking: hahaha

do an 0 plant backflip, that would look better imo.

yea I agree… I suck at backfliping… ill give it a try tho :smiley: … try a skippy flip spenc Im sure u’d land it


eehhh… me n my friend will film when there isnt any snow… Ima try n land a triple in there… just go try it u’ll get it… I wanna gap stuff with it tho

Yeah, I hurt my knee playing soccer at school though so it hurts really bad.
I think a backflip would be alot easier with your foot on the ground;)

I guess… but I think a single backflip has been done on a 0 plant…your still going with the momentum… so if u suck at backflips well it’s still prety hard… I did it cauz I wanted to try doubles… then I thought hmm… came up with the idea haha

actually thats the exact way that shaun told me would be easy to learn crank flips…sorry

there you go… except it’s not a single flip here… it’s a double

he actually told me to double flip w/ a plant

oh rlly hahaha… well yea it’s pretty fun eh ? call it a skipy flip from now on tho ! haha try n gap some stuff with it now :wink:

maybe ill try that tommorow and film it…it sounds pretty sweet.

yes… I wanna try some varition of it as well… like 180 into it and 180 out…unispin… all that stuff

well i cant unispin yet but i will someday…im really workin on my trials lines right now.

Whats a 0 plant? Skippy? Can some one describe what this is for me?

ok, a 0 plant is like a crankflip foot plant… except on the ground so no ledge… a skippy is with a double crankflip… get it ?


K I get it.

haha, rad. I hate the name, lol. But yeah. Rad trick. Back zeros are not very flowy but are decent. It’s fun to just kick the crap outta it a jump for like quinzero plant or soemthing. 5 times would be crazy if you were only on teh ground for an instant. crazy. laters

-Shaun Johanneson