New Trick???

I have recentley started a trick, that I have never seen done before, but just want to see if it exists or not, I’m sure it does, and this post will make me look stupid :wink: , but the trick is like wheel walking, but instead of one foot taking a turn and then recoiling, both feet walk the wheel at the same time. Any posts would be good so thanks.

yeah that has been done. but it is cool to see you trying stuff that you have never seen.


I thought up that a while ago and got my friend to do it for a laugh, I was sure someone else had done it but in the meantime I just called it Sped Walking.


That would be me. It didn’t really work on my uni because the tyre is so thin but i’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard on a thicker tyre.

sounds like its hard work to mantain keeping it going is it?

bet you could ride one of these now…

ahh they make me laugh! but they look fun :slight_smile:

My friend compared it to a kangeroo when he saw me doing it lol.

do you think it helps you learn to one foot ww?

i can ww pretty comfortably, and my ultimate goal is to learn how to glide. 1 foot ww just seems impossible. maybe this kangaroo wheel walking would be another stepping stone between ww and gliding?


grant, learning the 1ft ww is just like learning the regular ww… you mess up for a while, and slowly, you get it. it is about 2x as hard to learn as the ww though.

Interesting…i found 1ft ww about 1/2 as hard as ww to learn. Before i started 1ft ww i could regular ww over 100m though.

i think i’ve formed some bad habits on my way to learning one foot ww…

it is extremely uncomfortable for me to rest one foot on the crown. When i first learned to ride one footed, i let the other foot flail in the air becuase my crown was curved instead of flat. now that i finally have a kh24 with a flat crown, it feels unnatural to use the crown for my other foot. in fact, i can’t even ride one footed with my other foot on the crown.

Also: what part of my foot should i be using to rest on the crown? the heel? my foot doesn’t seem to stay on when i try to rest my arch (the place where the inside of the shoe curves in) on the crown.

and finally, should i raise my seat higher to do 1 foot ww? Im 6’4 and have very long legs, so its hard to get them up very high. perhaps that is one of my problems. anyways, im desperate to learn how to 1ftww and it seems now im just ranting. sorry.
some people say 1ftww is easier than ww, others say 1ftww is twice as hard as ww. i guess ill find out.



You can tape a small rock or two to your curved frame uni using hockey tape. I did that a long time ago on my monty so i could learn one footed crap.

Its harder to learn one footed on a 24 since the frame is up higher.

I think raising your seat is a real good idea. You kinda said it; it will give you legs more room to operate.

I usually get somewhere between the ball of my foot and my toes on the crown. Any further back (relative to my foot) and my toe will rub the tire and ill fall off. This might be hard on your muni but give it a try.

Hang in there, man. You’ll get it.

awesome, mango

thanks man!

ill let you know once i can go 50 feet :slight_smile: i refuse to give up!!


im about 6’2, and my friend is about 5’8, and my seat is lower than his, but i can 1 foot comftorable with my foot on the frame. I use the tip of my foot, but my friend uses his heel. Its all about preference.

100m!? i could maybe do 8m when i started learning. then, once i learned how, my regular wheel walk got a lot better, despite my only practicing 1 footed ww

I put the ball (s) of my feet on the crown. This way i find i get the most leverage and your feet are out of the way of the tyre. When i’m gliding feet on frame my gliding foot slides forward so the arch/heel bit locks onto the crown. Some people put their heels on the frame, Kris Holm coasts with his heels on the crown in U 2. While it works it looks really messy and spedish i think. I suggest you use the ball or arch at the most.

You do realise that is because his seat is pretty low… he’s 6 foot tall and he didn’t change his seat height for that. You try getting your toe up on to the crown with a seat that low nick :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe he should have raised his seat if he was serious about his freestyle. which he isn’t really so who cares?

But it gets the job done Nick… he’s not doing a standard skills routine so he doesn’t need to make it look so awesome. It would be a pain for him if every time he wanted to coast he had to change his seat post height. And carrying two unis around isn’t an option if your just riding around looking for things to do.

that ‘sped walking’ as you say, is quite easy to do, although it may look difficult, and iv managed 2 do a 3m or so glide like that (fluke). im currently trying 2 glide/1 ft ww, its hard, but those times when u get a few meters keep u motivated