New Trick

I was playing around on my uni the other day, and came up with the idea of
turning the uni around underneath me. The way I thought of doing it, I didn’t
actually get it, was to stand up on the pedals so that they are both in the
horizontal position, and then jump in the air turning the uni 90deg in a
clockwise direction underneath you, so that you would land on the top of the
wheel. From this position, you simply do the same thing again to land back on
the pedals with the uni facing the opposite direction.

I was wondering whether anybody else had tried this, and if so, did you have
much success?

Michael Fouche

yes this is an old trick… oh yeah this post was made in 1995… well yes i can do it… maybe u invented it

oldschool. i was 5 yrs olf when this was made.

Woah, me too!

me three!!!

i think i was 4

me for… so it is a uni spin?


90 degree unispin to hop on tire.