New Trick?

I was thinking of new tricks the other day and I have seemed to have found one. You drop the frame of the unicycle down and ride with it dragging along the ground, then you whip it round 360 like a tailwhip. Anyone heard of it before?

I suggested a 180 tailwhip in the “invent a new trick” topic.
But nobody landed it yet, so why would the have land a 360 tailwhip then?

I think its called a “shove it”, sam haber did one in a video but just with a 180 tailwhip

Did he? Never saw it.
You got a link to that vid?

Found the vid:

Look at 3:02, but thats not the trick I ment.
My trick needs to be landed on the cranks or pedals again.
Still, this is a step in the right direction

I have not landed it to pedals on film yet. Tho I have landed to pedals and rode a half rotation out before, the tirck is way more impressive fully rolling. its in ther at 3 minutes in

I have landed it to pedals and rolled a half rev out. never on film.

Maybe I will give filming it another go one of these days.

Like on the video I replied with 3 minutes before you…

Thats amazing Sam that you were able to roll out of it (even if it was only half rotation) If you can do that I’m sure you can land it properly soon.

what frame does he have?


Indeed, one of the few made.
There is even a guy that has a 29" triton and someone has a 36" frame to I believe

thanks guys. thats alot of help to me.

thats what i thought but i just wanted to be sure. thanks

thats a sick film and that guy is so good.
that triton frame is madness

Don’t you think it would be easier to learn static. I’ve seen 180 body varials in that position.

That is one of my favourite videos.

:astonished: :astonished: That video was amazing the flow with the music! MAN:D