new trick variation

i know, i know…it seems like every month someone comes up with something they think is new. im not saying nobody else has done this, im just saying ive never seen it done in a vid before. basically the trick is a regular footplant crankflip with a 180 slapped in on the landing half of the trick. another variation could be a 180 into the plant and a 180 out. i cant do it at the mo but im outta practice so gimme some time. if anyones knows if this has a name or has been done, lemme know.

yeah those have been around for awhile. Ive been doing blunt foot plants. You foot plant on the ledge with your opposite foot. So if the ledge is on your left you plant with just your right foot. its looks cool when you through unispins and cranksflips too.

my new vid is gunna have a ton of foot plant variations:D

So you cross your right foot over your left or something? Or does it go behind?

so any names? cause the whole name is a bit long.

well im outta the running fo landin this one for awhile. soon after talking to you i jumped over a couch and landed on someones pencil case which moved causing me to twist my ankle:) moral of the story: always check your landing!