New Trick: The Wallbanger

At the Vancouver Island MUni weekend Dan Heaton came up with the idea for a
trick, where you would go to air some stairs or something, then in mid air, hit
(or ‘bang’) a nearby wall/poll/fire hydrant, with your freehand, then do some
sort of rotation(ie:360) then land. It was also conceived that you could 180,
then “bang” then rotate back 360 degrees the other way. It is an easy trick to
do (straight 360 on flat ground) but the ‘stairs scenario’ type thing might be
hard to find. Does that description make sense?


I love that trick man, I cant wait to see you guys doing a 360 wallbanger 360 out off of a big jump.

Great name too.

Re: New Trick: The Wallbanger

Yeah, but we’d still like to see it on video. :slight_smile:

It makes sense but I can’t imagine it being easy to pull off. It sounds like an airborne variation on Lollypopping (with a wall instead of another person). There was some discussion about it on this old thread, without the mention of including uneven surfaces like stairs or drops. I like the name ‘Wallbanger’ far better than ‘Lollypopping’ which just sounds dumb and irrelevant to me.

Guess the seed I planted is working.


Which seed?

sounds impressive…at the moment i’m trying improve my backwards riding (in other words i’m pretty crap)

It is a pretty cool trick. I thought I had a video clip of it on my computer from the VIMW, but I couldn’t find it. Sorry. I’ll keep looking.

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It’s on Universe 2.

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Do you mean where Dan jumps off his uni onto a wall, puts his feet on the wall, and then jumps back to the uni?