new trick: step-over?

Earlier today when I was doing leg-arounds, I decided to bring my foot back over the seat, rather than around it. Specifically, I took my right foot off the pedal, swung it around to the other side of the seat (so far this is just like a leg around), but instead of just continuing around, I put both hands on the seat (right in back, left in front), and swung my leg over the top of the seat back to the pedal. I’ve heard of mounting a unicycle like this, but never doing it while riding, since it’s tougher to throw your leg over the seat when it doesn’t start on the ground. Anyway, step-over was the most descriptive name I could think of, but please correct me if everyone’s already doing this trick.

post a movie

did you go straight to seat in from this?
i think i understand what you are saying, i have never seen it done

Im gonna try these, but just for fun ill put my foot im steping over with on the seat for a second or two, then on the pedal.

Wait, when idling one footed, im gonna put my foot on the seat and continue idiling. wow, im gonna have fun today =p

from what it sounds like it i think ive seen it. but i mihgt be wrong.

argh…I’ve done this before, if it’s what I’m thinking of. I was watching Leo Vande%*&# doing the step over mount on his web site and I thought of the exact same thing. Hop on the cranks, sif, then swing one foot half way around and bring it over the seat between your hands (hands are positioned at front and back of the seat). I hate this…every time I think I have an original trick someone else has to discover it.

Oh well…good creative mindset. How long have have you been uniing?

I hope I don’t post mupltiple messages, because it brought up and error message when I tried to send this the first time.

Yes, this is the same motion as Leo’s step-over mount, the difference being that his is a mount and this is half of a leg-around and then the motion. Excalibur, I’ve been unicycling for about a year. I figured people have done this before, but I had never heard it mentioned, so I thought it was worth posting.

yeah, not so much a new trick… just one of the tricks that people do but never bother to name/define it. done it a few times a while back
nothing special, but congrats for posting it (where other people wouldnt bother)