New Trick: Seat on side unispin (with video)

Hey I filmed this last week or the week before I think. I planned on having it in my “Progression” video but im not sure when that will be done so i’m just posting it now. See what you think, and post your comments.

Seat on side unispin

(the landing is very awkward, as the frame always gets in the way of the front foot)

Nice unispin variation.

Looks like a good way to slam the unicycle to the ground when you miss.

cool! but out of curiosity…do you have any shirts that dont say “flip” on them?

could you put it on youtube or something besides the gallery becuase it doesnt work for me.

Nice trick. I still have to get the normal unispin down before I can try this.

wow thats pretty cool… you must have very very good SIF control… i dont think i’ll try this one for a while


nice one!

jeff rox! nice trick!

I second the youtube thing… the gallery doesn’t work for me either.

Hey here is a youtube link:

Anyone else see it?

it’s pretty cool. I can’t even ride sos yet, no fair. :frowning:

That is a really cool variation… It was hard to see the seat on that vid, though.

I like it. It looks hard.