New trick invented?

Today at the skate park i was grinding this rail and sliding my hand along it as I grinded it. Has anybody done this kind of grind?

sounds new to me

Wait, how?!

Not sure what you mean, I grind the rail and with my free hand I slide it along the side or the bottom of the rail near where my pedal is then hop off.

damn you invent so many damn tricks

ok, but i got no ideas what this might look like. make a video and get back to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I guess I wasn’t picturing how you would bend over that much to touch it. I would like to see a pic or vid:) It sounds cool.

Hmm, i thought it seemed pretty easy to picture. Just imagine Kevin Mcmullins tire-grab handrail grind in defect except instead of touching the trie it’s touching the rail.

I’ll try to get a vid tommorow anyway.

sounds like a sweat trick, maybe ill try it when i get my new grind plates next week

Vid. Its not that good but you get the idea.

oh yea, ive never seen that kinda trick before but it looks pretty easy

Hmm, do that, but stall from the grind, do a handstand on the rail, land back on the uni, crankflip off the rail =p

psht… do something HARD!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Never seen that trick before!:slight_smile:

im gunna say you invented that, so if i ever do it i wont get beaten up for inventing a butt-face trick.



on offence but it doesnt look very hard or good. but nice try.

maby if you stoped yourself with your hand, and pulled your self up the rail instead of down.
that would be sick
if it is in any way possible

Hmm, why havent I seen any one do a superman while grinding, or at least in a stall?

oh man… that would be cool. ill go try it really fast and ill tape it. like 20 minutes

this actually sounds really dumb to me. there’s no way it can look impressive.

hmmm…must be a weird time zone… its been like almost 20 hours where i am since you said this :roll_eyes: