New trick invented!!.....Maybe

Hey everyone. Hers a new trick I’ve never seen done before. Its kinda stupid and kinda cool. Did I invent it?


well i havent really seen it before but that aint saying anything really still its pretty cool but as you said uselees but if you could put a spin into it that would be cool
also you must have incredible upper body stregth

Ive never seen that, nor tried it, which is weird, cause i always hold myself sideways on poles :sunglasses:

Have you tried swinging around the pole while doing that? be kinda fun at a high speed, hard to hold onto though, or, i do this sometimes, but from being sideways, i move my body to be upside down, then down to the other side,you could try that, anyways, your the first one ive seen do this, so to me its a new trick, seems more of a novelty trick though:o

lol you should definately call it the pole dance :stuck_out_tongue:

cant wait to see the variations made onto this trick =p

I think you’ve invented another, Luke.

I also thing pole dance is the ideal name for it!

Gee… it was a good cameraman, you’d think he was riding a unicycle at the time too. Makes you wonder…


Yeah it is really a novelty trick but maybe a really good rider could make it extremely smooth or something. I’m sure there could be heaps of cool variations the only one I’ve done is just a full rev. I don’t like the name pole dance.:stuck_out_tongue: It’s not really dancing.

is that when ed was there?

thats sick i just tried it

kind of bring urself up then flip over like a gymnest i just tried it but failed horribly

I don’t know from gymnastics, but I think that’s called a pole planch. Anyway, There was a picture of three unicyclists doing this on the same pole in one of the few issues of the IUF’s Unicycling Magazine that was put out. The picture was taken (by me) at the International Cycling Festival in Hull, Quebec in 1985. I think all three guys were Canadians from Quebec and maybe Ontario.

Technically, that’s not a unicycle trick. It’s a cool thing you can do while on a unicycle but won’t count for difficulty in a Freestyle performance. On the other hand, I think it would count in a Street performance. I like it.

Found it! I think the top guy is Gilles St. Onge, the second guy is one of Normand Beaumont’s cousins or brothers, and I don’t know about the bottom guy.

That was a fun weekend!


how did the guy on the top get to the top?