New Trick Idea

I was wondering if anyone has ever done a no handed unispin. Or if it would even be possible

What I mean is a unispin where you spin the uni with only your feet and you don’t even touch the seat with your hands.

well you would would lose the seat, i do not think it would be possible.

it is possible if the seat is down, but i don’t think it very feasable. I’m sure somebody could nail it if they spend long enough on it though.

When I’m doing one handed unispins from seat in, it feels like quite a bit of the spin is coming from my feet. I’m definitely not saying I can do it but I think it’s feasible for someone to land.

nah, it would be too hard to keep the seat up.
when I do one handed unispins I do it all w/ my hand.

Right well thats how you do yours then. All I’m saying is that its not impossible.

i seen Skate4flip do i on a BC.

you have to go SIF to spin the uni though or the seat will hit your legs and you wouldnt be able to do that without using your hands, not possible

I’d say it would be really really difficult, but honestly, with some of the stuff people are doing on unicycles it certainly isn’t impossible.

since i was about to start a thread like this ill just post here.

would it be possible for someone to do a kickflip on a uni. They do a seat drop then do a kick flip while the seats on the ground.

How about a no hander body varial? :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be easier, although you’d have to grab the seat when you land…

I’ve been thinking if you did one by kicking the side of trhe wheel (like a footspin?)

If I’m understanding you correctly, that seems like it has HUGE potential to break your ankles haha.

that is a very ligitmate worry, lol

It’s possible, but it wouldn’t look that good or be worth the effort.

I agree with that. The unispin only looks hardcore because of the whole arm movement that makes it seem as physically exhausting as it is. Without the arm movement, it’s even MORE exhausting, harder to pull off, yet looks only half as impressive.

can we put this up there with the rolling clock-spin and wheelwalking an Ultimate Wheel?

or BC…:smiley:

i’ve done it.
wheelwalk a bc wheel that is, i got like 4 pushes in.