New Trick Idea!

Well, im sure everyone knows what a kickflip or a heelflip is on a skateboard, now lets add that to unicycling.

I’m picturing it like this; do some hopping on the cranks while the seat is on the ground, either in front of you, or behind you, then jump and have the uni spin like a skater would spin his board for a kickflip (flipping the wheel my be a challange…), then land back on the cranks.

I see a lot of potential with this, and i dont think ive ever seen it before on a uni, be kinda like a flat uni-spin, or a groun uni-spin, not sure what it would be called, or just say its a kickflip =p, but we could do 180s, 360s, 540s, maybe a 720 =p, and then add more roations and flips to it, like ( i dont remember what is called but where you bring the seat from behind to you, to infront of you) but while doing that add a little 180\360 to it, and you could add spins so you land the oppesite way form when you first jumped, or do a full 360.

I’m not to great at doing street\flatland\freestyle tricks yet, but im gonna be practicing this tomorrow, and everyone else should try it too =p

Correct me if im wrong, but to me, this is a new trick, cause in all the videos ive seen, ive never seen it done, and all other comments will be nice, cause we can add lots of variations to it lol

How would you get the uni to spin properly?

im not sure lol, im gonna be trying this tomorrow, so ill be able to give more details to what will work and what wont work =p

Make sure you get it on video. I wanna see this.

it may take me a while to learn it, but once i do, ill be sure to get it on video =p

I think that trick borders the impossible, but if you can pull it off then I would really like to see it.

keyword “borders” :wink:

i think you would need to jump the uni the sorta relese it then kick it

You might be able to grip the wheel with your legs, jump (pivoting the uni around the seat which is on the ground), then release the wheel giving the top of the wheel a kick sideways. This might work perfectly or just hurt :stuck_out_tongue: . I might give it ago on the weekend. Wish me luck cause i can’t even unispin :o :smiley:


jerrick thats a sweet idea…it must be possible…you have to do it.

Has this ever been done?
The seats on the ground, either in front or behind, and you jump up (like in Jerrick’s trick) and get the seat from behind to in front, or in front to behind, while still balancing on the cranks
Does that make sense? Is it even possible?
To continue wth the skateboard analogies, it’d be like ollieing, and then flipping the board in a vertical 180

From a physics point of view, I can easily imagine this being possible. You need to somehow add a huge amount of rotational velocity to the wheel in the sideways direction, and one way to do that is to stand on 1 crank and place the other foot on the top of the tyre (or hook it under the rim to help you hop). Do a little hop, then kick the tyre sideways, tucking up to avoid the other side of the wheel, then land on both cranks as they come back around.

Don’t get me wrong, this trick is doable, but it will be incredibly hard to pull off.



You want to try and make a diagram for my “trick”?

I just got out of the shower, and while i was in there, i was thinking, seeing how ill be standing on the cranks, i can put my front part of my shoe somewhat under the pedal, while the heel of that one foot will still be on crank.

So when i jump, i just kick up with that part hopefully rotating the uni =p

And now i gotta get my stuff ready for school, cya later, ill tell how i progress on this trick when i get home =p

EDIT: we just got about 2-inches of snow on the ground, today is gonna be interesting lol, and from looking at that diagram of the guy hitting the tire to spin, im gonna try that, but keep half my foot on the crank, half under the pedal, so i can kick the tire with one foot, while flipping the uni up with the other.

No. Its been done, its in a koxx 1 vid


Oh ok nvm…thanks



ive sceen that trick somewhere recently cant rememebr where though

its done in this koxx 1 vid… Koxx One trip :Europeen Championship 2005

not the kick flip one, the jump over the seat one…