new trick idea ... i tried but i can't do it

ok, its a one footed crankflip i got reallly close to landing it yesterday(trying to learn normal crankflips), but i can’t even get close today … maybe because i was night riding… ohh well
has anyone ever done it?

ohh and i did a 540 and 720 around the unicycle thingy while in a crankstall … its reallly not that hard @ all

is that a 1footer full rev? or a crankflip which you ride into 1footed?
cuz if its 1footed full rev, then ite been done

ok … but was it one foot to one foot… or one to two foot…or maybe even two to one foot
and i landed doing a half flip but tried to pedal and ate crap

riding with two feet in the forwards direction, jump do a one foot full rev in mid air then land two footed

i mean crank flip not spin
ive done the crankspin thing

yeah, im a tad confused as to what your trying to do?
is it riding 2footed then crankflip?

ride one footed … crankflip … ride one footed, but that would be a variation of it

Xavier has done two footed crankflips into one footed riding, and I think he has done them into gliding as well…not sure about that one though.
With practice I’m certain it can be done.

It dosn’t seem possible, As soon as you try to jump up to flip you would put your weight on the pedal and you would just roll forwards, hard to explain. You might be able to by jumping using ur foot thats on the frame, i dont know.

yea i rekon it seems impossible, do u have a video of it

nothing is impossible!

well the title of the thread says he can’t do it, so i doubt he has a video of it.

Wait, so you are trying one footing into a crankflip as a progression step to crankflips?!

Hmm, jumping one footed, I am gonna have to try this tomorrow, probablt do half rebvs and full revs, then Ill try the crank flip.

i was trying this ask amanda i told on msnsns once

it didnt work at all

i rode one fotted jumped, kicked then fell

isn’t that xav do in vener? whit a 180 crank flipp to 1 fot or something ( time about 2min in or 1.57 )

yes he does

its sick but where trying to take off on one foot aswell

whats a crankflip…im new to unicycles so…im not sure…but ive heard them on bmx bikes

its the same thing, but on a unicycle the whole wheel spins
and i got way close for it being impossible… i just hopped w/ my foot horizontal and you automatically kick the wheel trying to jump and it spins fast enough

Thats like learning to ride a unicycle 1 footed before 2 feet. :slight_smile: