New trick, i think

Ok so I was messin around and then I thought of somthing cool. It’s not hard but it probaly looks cool. What I do is ride go into sif take a foot off and go into the first phase of a kick up mount now the frame can move around so i kick it forward, kick it backward then do a kick up mount and while the uni is on it’s way up I pop a 180 varial. Sounds confusing but It’s awsome. Or atleast that’s what I think:p


still no camera :angry: I’ll try and do a sitick figure diagram on paint.

the real qustion is ,can you do it ?

Yes:D Like I said it’s not hard at all. If you can do a 180 varial and a kick up mount your good to go.

What do you mean by 180 varial? a varial is a 180/180 from si…

By varial I mean You spin noth the uni. I may be wrong that’s just what a varial is in skateboarding.

and what does that mean?
is noth a mispelling of something? with? north?

I know what he means. And he means a body varial not a varial.


Ohhh ok.

lol it all sounds pretty confusing to me…

oh well hopefully one day i will see it on video.


PS nice avatar spencer!

Sounds great.

Instead of kicking it back and forth, maybe just one kick, and just distributing your weight so the seat never hits the ground, and kick the frame a full 360 around the tire. Then catch it and go into the kick-up mount.

Sounds awsome. By the way spencer, sweet new avatar.