New Trick - 720 variation.

Yeah thanks.

that turns more like a 70 or a 80 :D:D:D

thats off the heasy!!!

Alright, enough. I have just decided that im also landing this one, as i got my 7spins back on track today… Lookout chris, soon you wont be the only one doing these.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve landed a few more things you might like too hehe :D:D:) >:)


What are you hiding:p ?

You’ll see eventually.


No question its insane. I just want to see it full.

Wouldn’t we all. You barely see full hugespins.


most people I have seen (and me included) do not get close to doing a full hop twist when doing small/ big/ huge spins.

Yeah, I think its because you use your other hand in the air to get the twist. I mean, try doing a two handed 360 lol.