New Trick - 720 variation.

Wow man, Congratulations, very impressive.

His video’s always push me to ride harder, cause now I know that its not “impossible” to be as good as Shaun J. I went outside after watching this video, and came close to a bigspin. I only got 90 degrees though.

I have to thank you, - Christian, right?

Your vids push me, and inspire me to ride. :slight_smile:

Large spin… maaaaaaaan… Large spin sounds dumb, it sounds smaller then a huge spin lol.

Yes, you need to hit the full 180 twist and then do it inwards. Also, I give you one month to land a 900 unispin. Go practise.
And, just in case Kris reads this thread… SPONSOR THIS KID!!!

720 + 180 should be mammoth, giant, massive, enormous, or in light of the $cien70l0gy thing… anonymous…
Definatly sounds bigger than the huge spin, however we also need room to name a 900 + 180

Ive always thought it was a “massive spin”

Not sure where I heard it tho.

Your the man christian

Cant wait to catch up with you


" large and in charge" spin:)

When the trick is done in a complete fashion, with majority agreement (the first posts in this thread is not agreement) then the person can name it. All I know is that, to me at least, this trick isn’t a solo trick, hit-post video trick. So I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else has done it just hasn’t released it yet.

-Shaun Johanneson

Massive or mammouth works for me, and I think both sound good for a trick name.

Sure it wasnt quite full, but every street rider here lands something not quite full and will count it and put it in their vid.

You land them so clean, do it of a ledge or a small set.

wow super sick dude!

props for the trick its a big one

Pfft, full enough for me. I’d say it’s legit enough.

I’d say it looks about 90 degrees, not quite full but defently very impressive. He will land it full very soon I think. And I think he’ll get the 900 soon to, that will be an epic day. I have a feeling there will be several 900er’s in 2008.

900 + 180 = Epic Spin? :sunglasses:

[EDIT] one day when someone lands that, I will give them a pat on the back

so stoked for you man, thats insane. such an amazing trick. hopfully i can come over to nz and ride with all you guys soonish.

I really wanna see someone else do it on vid and see if they do it without the 90 degree turn. I tried it inward today and got pretty close, so expect that in my next vid.

Would be sweet to ride with you and the other aussie legends matty.
If you can’t make it over, you can count on me being at the next aus uninats.

way-too-much-spin… ? :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


-Pause video at spot you want to show.
-Hit ‘print screen’ on keyboard
-Open paint
-Go to ‘edit’
-Select ‘paste’
-Resize/upload/put in thread
I think this is what you meant? :slight_smile:

Yeah but for videos the video box just comes out black.

Here you go:

Its still pretty crazy though.