New Trick - 720 variation.

Okidoki. Just landed it so here you go.

Tell me what you think, is it actually the very first? I don’t even know.

SHIT! man im stoked to be the first to reply to this. mad props…!

ive never seen someone hit 7s as well as you do.

7 master i bow to you

And to think, that four months ago I beat Chris at our little “best trick” comp.
I’m gonna say it again, softly… You need to throw and extra bit of twist into this for it to be proper… Go film an inward one tomorrow please! (He’s better at inward :slight_smile: )

You just had to bring that up…c’mon, I swear you fluked that doubleflip doubleback line. I mean c’mon, you had only learnt them on flat the night before! :smiley:

Ok heres the way I see this trick, I start it going one way, land then I’m going the other way :smiley:


haha did shauns tutorial help? lol

No ones tips/tutorials helped. Sept for people simpley saying “spin faster, jump higher”.

haha sick man. no1 needs shaun or his gay tutorials.

HAHA! I’m sure someone out there found them useful.

because no1 ever knew how to do a 720 spin before shauns tutorial.

First, awesome that you can even land a 7 spin, thats impressive. To even get this close to a mammoth spin or whatever it’s called is SICK.

But the body varial wasn’t there enough for me. Someone who knows how to take a screenshot of a video will come here and show you (just like with Pele’s tripleflip) that it wasn’t full. From what I could tell, your body turned maybe 90 degrees. Before taking off, you turned 90 degrees, so the uni only spun 810 degrees relative to the ground instead of 900.

I have no doubt that with a little practice you could nail a really clean one. Try it.

You definatley deserve to ge to get picked up by a sponsor. Its only a matter of time.

I thought that it was called a huge spin? Maybe I’m missing something though.



ok I must just not be able to see how much it spun.


omg dude. is 3 7spins in a row ur record? (I think thats mine, though i haven’t practiced them much lately so i can barely even do them ne more).

But holy shit! A mammoth spin?! That was nowhere close 2 180 degrees but still thats pretty damn impressive. And i haven’t even landed a hugespin (now that i think of it… have i even landed a bigspin? I don’t try those much) but i have tried a hugespin before and didn’t land it so yeah. amazing dude.

Wikipedia says a huge spin is a 180 twist and a 7… I tried to correct it, but the next day it went back to the way it was. Ill post again, or edit this post when I see the vid.

EDIT: Not to thread jack, but has anyone ever landed a 360 twist with any spin? Like a 360 with a 1spin.

Double EDIT: The link doesnt work for me… Keeps bringing me to a page with all these movie suggestions…

What should I search on youtube, to get the video to come up?

Shaun Johanneson did a 360 varialflip in his second flip video. It was more like a 270 or so… but still that was probably my favorite trick in there.

and spencers landed a full body varial… not sure if that counts…

Thanks pele.

That was an amazing trick. You really cant complain about the fact that it was only about a 95 degree twist. That takes talent… Soon enough someone will land a 900 Unispin.

He meant Large Spin.

Samiaul told me a french rider landed a “Mamouth Spin” and called it Large Spin.

But anyways, nice work ! It’s crazy how high you get halfway in your rotation.