New Trialsvid

I just finnished my new trials vid:

a weng trials riding:

enjoy it…

Great vid!

One of the better ones that I have seen in a while, your a great rider!

What rim do you have? I like it, its very blue. :smiley:

Now to save this to my HD and watch it again.

nice riding! your an awesome rider!

i love that rim! its sooooooo cool!

great video. The rim is either a try all or is powder coated. I don’t know of any other options

Thank you for the comments.
The rim is 1 mm smaller than the try all and much better… It’s a v!z-rim, also available in other cool colors, but there are no unicycle-shops that sell this rim.

where did you buy that rim from? is it possible to get it in Australia?

great vid. the rolling hop up the 5 stair was nice.

Nice video Rocco! The rolling hop up those stairs was impressive indeed!

Take a look at
there is a list of distributors. I don’t think that it’s available in Australia.

to download, right click:

Good video… looks like you had a lot of fun making it! The rolling hops were very nice.

I only saw you doing seat-in riding… I thought this was a trials video?!? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome video, keep up the good work.

that was so cool :sunglasses: . that’s one of my favorite vids on the forum!!!

coughJoe Hodgescough

very… seat it, but hey i liked it!


:slight_smile: :smiley: :astonished:

That was probably the best seat in trials I have ever seen. It was very impressive. Keep em comming.

coughJoe Hodgescough

But ya it was pretty nice, slightly gammy style of hopping but effective. Roccos balancing arm often goes behind him even before he’s hopped, maybe he’d improve his gapping technique if he tried reaching his arm out in front a bit more?

Very nice movie.
Seat in or seat out, it doesn’t mather.
If you’r doing good, then it’s OK.


wow that was amasing that u did it all seat in!