new trials wheelset

I’m looking for the absolute cheapest splined trials wheelset. It could be a bunch of different parts put together or the whole shabang but so far I’ve calculated that if I got a kh moment hub and crankset that’s 137$ + a rim=165$ then spokes, 180, then a tire 210$ but that’s really really steep for me. I’m looking to stay under 200$ anybody willing to sell me anything?

i have a slitely bent old style onza hub laced to an alex dx32 19" rim. And a brandnew creapey crawler tire. i would sell it for like 50$

What do you have for a rim now? Cause If it’s a decent 20" I might trade a dx32 for it then you only have to pay $180.

ask around for a broken framed DX

holy crap…
just a nimbus rim,tire and spokes cost me $100

i know someone who will buy it from you… and if not I will

if you can find a buyer its theres 50$ and like 17ish for shipping

how bad is the ONZA bent?

not to bad and i went to look at it and i think its just the pedal is cross threded so it may be able to be fixed

could the pedal just be bent… cross threading is AHHHH

no the its the crank threds ill see if i can tap them out tomarow


In case you get it fixed and everyone else decides not to buy, I’m interested too.

It’s been three days, what’s going on now?