New trials videos - 360 uniflip, 2-step flying jump mount

These were filmed last night on a trials ride in Auckland central. Thanks to Stu for filming me. Check it!


No 'natch

Hey those tricks were pretty cool, they reminded me of old school skateboarding tricks cause you jump off the uni then do the trick then hop back on.

First of all OUCH!!!

Second, there’s two tricks I won’t be adding to the list of things to learn.

Third, Is it really a mount if you never stay on the UNI.

And last… Dude you must have brass balls, the coccyx is the least of your worries. You are headed for a childless future.

Tony you totally rule!!! You’re like the most creative rider I’ve seen next to Dan Heaton (I’m sure there are more but heh, these are the ones I’ve seen). I was pretty bent on getting my hops to be higher but I ended up damaging my hand from the repetative movements. Nothing serious, I’m just waiting for it to heal. Anyway in place of the time I’d be hopping, I should try out some of these kinds of things and think up more on my own. Do you think it would be possible to go into a suicide mount from the uniflip instead of grabbing the seat with your hand? Maybe that wouldn’t work but I think their could be ways to make it more flowing by taking out a hand placement. I think I’ll have to write down a bunch of these stall combo/mount ideas I’ve been meaning to work on and just go out and practice them some day soon. Thanks a lot for the inspiring video clips!!!

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Wow Tony, you’re really talented!

My faves were the robot walk, and that awesome bench jump mount!

I liked the part where you hit your tailbone. OUCH!:slight_smile:

That jump mount ove the bench was also nice.

great trick but i must say it has been done before by houston snyder of hell-on-wheel
(click on videos, then “12 hour”)

nice tricks tony

i think a lot of moves have been done that people haven’t seen, because they were not filmed or have not been released on video.

this is not to take anything away from the people that independently come up with the moves and rock em, just like to also give some credit to people i know were doing them before and to keep an accurate record.

the “360-uni-flip” was done by Adam Ryznar in early 2000. he did both a crank stall version and a footplant version just as Tony has come up with. he also did a version where he would crank stall, whip the uni around, and hop onto the object (picnic table). it didn’t become a functional street move until later 2000, when it could be pulled straight after a crank stall without adjustments.

i’ve been calling it a “seat-whip”, but i guess uni-flip works too.


Darn! I thought I’d invented those tricks myself! Oh well, I’ll just have to come up with something else.

I called the 360 uniflip that because a BMXer who saw me do it commented that it was similar to a BMX trick called a bike-flip. The bike-flip is an airborne trick, like a tail-whip but the bike rotates about a horizontal line. As for naming tricks like these I reckon street/trials unicycling should take up the rock-climbing convention: who ever does it first gets to name the trick. [In rock climbing the first ascentionist gets to name the route.] In this case Dan and Adam had already named the trick, so it should be called seat-whip.

Yeah, doing the flying jump mounts does feel like an old school skateboarding kind of a trick. Kind like an ‘acid drop’.

Zach- I guess a suicide version of seat-whip could be done…it would certainly be smoother and more styly. The seat tends to come around pretty fast and the reason I catch it is that otherwise my other hand would get crushed between the tyre and the frame.


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nice videos. nice tricks.

especialy nice since i can actualy watch them on an old computer without having to scale them down to the size of a postage stamp.

Great moves Tony, keep it up!

Watching videos from New Zealand, I fully expected them to be upside down. But I can’t figure out why they would be sideways???

Only explanation I can think of is someone who’s used to still photography, holding the camera on its side. I may have been guilty of the same thing in the past… :roll_eyes:

As for naming tricks, actually it usually ends up going to whoever names it first, and spreads the name around. By courtesy you are accepting the name from Adam, though this trick seems to be relatively unknown in the unicycling community (until a certain new video comes out). Another option is to work together and pick the name you think works best. I kind of like uni-flip because it’s a more accurate picture of what happens. Seat-whip works too though.

As for the flying jump mount, I wonder where you got the name/idea for that one? The name exists from about 20 years ago, and your rendition, not counting the bench, is almost identical to the original.

The original was done by Hakan Furuskar (approximate spelling) of Sweden in 1983. I took a picture of him doing it at the IJA Festival in Purchase, NY, which was used in the book Anyone Can Ride a Unicycle by Jack Halpern (English version). Hakan did his mount with only the one hand, and got nearly as much air as Tony with the bench. I had to draw in his shadow in the picture so you could see how high he got. I don’t know if this picture exists online.

Re: New trials videos - 360 uniflip, 2-step flying jump mount

On Thu, 11 Dec 2003 18:05:56 -0600, johnfoss
<> wrote:

>Watching videos from New Zealand, I fully expected them to be upside
>down. But I can’t figure out why they would be sideways???

I hate to blow your bubble (or do I?), but find a globe and look up
California and New Zealand. It’s hardly more than 90 degrees. The
NZ’ers being antipodes is a European notion and it is most correct in
Spain and Portugal.

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Yes, that’s exactly where I got the name from. I’ve known about this trick for several years, and is known (at least in TCUC circles) as the Swedish flying jump mount. Peter Bier has been know to do it on occasion. Since I’m not Swedish but can, nonethless, take two steps on a bench I called my variant the 2-step flying jump mount.

I think alex toms call those seat whip and uni flip for “matrix plant”

Did those not work for anyone else?


The videos in Tony’s gallery are compressed with the MJPG (MotionJPEG) codec. Normally Windows Media Player can play those videos as long as you’re using Windows ME, 2000, or XP. For some reason I can’t play those videos in WMP now either. WMP pukes up an error when trying to play the video. It used to work. Maybe one of the recent Windows updates messed things up.

In any event, Apply QuickTime can still play MJPG video so use QuickTime instead.

I’m going to have to hunt around and figure out why WMP can no longer play MJPG videos. My camera also takes MJPG video and I’d really like to get it working again so I can easily play the videos from my camera.

Ouch! Thanks John, that worked.

Very impressive. I think this frame disturbed me the most…where your wheel has actually bottomed out and yet you have no feet on the pedals!



hey tony…

yeah i know you did it first.

what do you think of the name matrix plant?

tony wasn’t first. Adam Ryznar was the first one to do them in the early 2000.

dude those were some really cool clips i really liked your little gliding clip it was soo smooth and your foot plants are really cool to