New Trials Video!

Please comment on youtube ^.^

Nice! that’s some impressive skinny riding.

Thats a really awesome vid dude! AWESOME riding and AWESOME editing. VERY cool

some really nice technical lines in there :astonished: ! good job!

i really like the rail riding, and how you showed it from different angles. nice editing and smooth riding, overall!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

That last line was godlike, holy crap.
Drop gap to rail from a high rail skinny :astonished: . I have got to make a line like that for my trials course.

You are an amazing rider, and if you’re 15, you will probably go pro in the near future.

The last SI up the table was HUGE!

The third and second last clips were great! I suck at gapping from rail to rail like that. I’ll be expecting you to land that second last clip in your next vid. :smiley:

wow thats way cool, great lines and rail riding :astonished: that last bit dropping off a high rail to a low rail was awesome!

man the progression in your riding is amazing, great video, Keep them coming, please

Will do :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.

That vid was pro, really great
How long have you been riding?
What is Toowoomba near?:wink:

Thanks man
since i was like 7 but only really got into the extreme side bout year ago
toowoomba near brisbane