New Trials Video

Here is my new video
I reckon its crap. and im not sure why the quality went that bad :s
feedback would be nice :slight_smile:

way cool video.

Nice stuff.

Thats ql :smiley:

wow that was great some nice skinnies:)

I know exactly how you feel when it comes to doing those gaps over the water :stuck_out_tongue:

that was awesome. my comment is on youtube so you can see it there kevin.

ql ?

I believe its a very obscure abbreviation of “cool”.

Awesome riding man, good job in that rock garden.

oh ok
thanks for the comments ^.^

Thats cool, did you actually make that gap over the water in the end?? And what was up with the green stripy letters and stuff near the end?? Your good at riding skinnies, expecially that bridge!!!

not yet,

fill up time. ddint have enough good footage.

lol thanks

Awesome video, :D, loved the jump and then the “not.”

Nice job with the skinnies.

For next time, don’t worry about filling up the video with stuff like the green stuff, a lot of people prefer a nice short 2 minute video over a 3 minute video filled with things to stretch it’s length.

Good point
thanks =]

nice tricks and interesting. about the bad quality, can anyone tell me how you can tell the quality of a video camera cos i nver see megapixels or anything. please PM me.

Awesome vid man, you’re the best Australian trials rider atm i think. Keep it up.

Thanks for the comments everyone :slight_smile: