new trials vid

Here is a new trials vid that i showed at UNICON. It didn’t win anything, but w/e. I hope it wins over your hearts :roll_eyes:


WOW! The riding was awsome! :astonished: :astonished: There were some huge gaps and drops! :astonished: :astonished:


sick video
those are some insane hops you do in parts of it - post to post. you really have great control over the unicycle.

(i think i’ve seen this video before…?)

Nice, nice. I liked how I knew most of the places in that vid :P. Now that unicon is over, I hope to see you at our weekend rides. Maybe? Anyway, the vid was awesome and congrats for your unicon performance. Ill see you in two weeks at Dom’s RPS.

I can’t believe that didn’t win… I’d like to see the video that did? :astonished:

I liked the uphill rail. Is your frame bent in that movie?

Oh dude, that is some sick riding right there. Can anyone say precision?

i can

umm, the new video is the third one on that link.


cool, he can fly:p but seriously that was some sweeeeeeet riding it was super smooth and some of thosegaps were amazing, especaly the up hill ones

mad props to you Ryan

opps, I watched the wrong one:o do you have a smaller version of that vid, because that one takes up my whole screen ana can’t load very good. I get one frame with music and noise but no movment.:frowning:

heh, i watched the wrong one too; no wonder I had seen it before

goes to watch new one

Uh-oh, you’ve reached perfection. There’s no more room for improvement, now what are you gonna do?

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

This is the best Ryan Atkins video to date, and I’ve only seen half of it. Those are some feline skills and for my money it’s undesputedly deserved that you’re the World Champion at this. You’re that far ahead of everyone else that you could probably give up unicycling for the next 2 years, show up to Unicon and then win it again without breaking a sweat.

(all other compliments from this thread) + 1

Thanks a bunch, Ryan. I’ll add it to the other Ryan vids that I watch regularly. You just keep getting better!

Did you try to ride the chain that showed in the last few frames?

Just got a hartattack watching this movie :astonished:
BIG moves indeed and VERY precise.
Like I said Ryan, next year Kris Holm will be sponsord by you :stuck_out_tongue:


that riding was incredible, even by ryan’s standards.

I can see Ryan’s head swelling up to dangerous proportions…

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