New trials unicycle

Hello people of the forums.

I have been unicycling for seven months and I started trials unicycling around Christmas time. I am currently using a £160 chrome nimbus but I feel that in the near future I will need something a bit better as I am improving very quickly. I am 13 years of age, I weigh roughly seven stone and my inseem is roughly 50cm. I am looking for a reliable 19" unicycle with a price range of £160-£260 if anybody could recommend one i would be very grateful.

Thank you


i would recommend a kris holm unicycle, it’s expensive but it’s really worth the money. you could also buy a qu-ax unicycle, they are very strong, cheaper but they’re heavy.

There is no NEED to get a new uni. If you have the venture cranks you might need new ones, so then you should at some point upgrade to KH Moments or some other strong ISIS cranks.

The only benfit of a new uni is a tad lighter (if aluminum), a wider rim, and posibly a longneck (if you want a long neck it might be good to wait untill you grow more). If hitting your knees on the frame is a real problem you might want to get a rounded crown frame (the KH is less problematic in this regard but still a problem for some)