new trials uni

What do you guys recon i should get?
I am thinking of:

a Koxx red devil (wots the difference betwen the koxx devils? and are they worth it?)

a Qu-ax trial 20"

or a “lots of different pieces together” with:
19" koxx wheelset
2.5" creepy crawler
Qu-ax aluminium 20" frame
KH 07 street saddle
crmo seatpost and metal DX pedals

Or is the KH 07 really much better than all the other trial unis?
And is the Onza one any good?

only get Koxx if you really want one…i mean really want one…

The KH07 is such good value for money because it’s a stupidly light aluminium frame with convenient and strong bearing clamps, unlike the ones seen on the Koxx frames (except XTP and Signature Freestyle). On top of that, you get an excellent ISIS hub and crankset from KH, as well as the great KH Fusion Street saddle which is heaps better than a Koxx saddle, in my opinion.

Go for an 07 KH, or a Nimbus Hoppley, both are great values for money, and you can’t really lose out either way…

Whereas the Koxx unis and the Quax ones are fine, but floating in the reasonably expensive region whilst not being totally worth the money.

Just my opinion, but buying a KH07 would mean, theoretically you would not need to buy anything to upgrade it, as it’s perfect already… (except the rim, pedals, and seatpost). You would spend more money if you bought a Koxx or a Quax, realising there are plenty of upgrades needed to be done to get it perfect thus buying more parts to replace some of the tacky standard parts on the Koxx’s or Quax’s.

KH07 is cheap for what it is, go for it.

oh and I forgot: building up a uni from buying seperate parts costs more than buying a fully built one.

and the Onza uni is not good, I’d rather a Nimbus Hoppley over it ANYDAY. Onza’s have terrible steel frames that are extra wide at the crown which rubs against your knees sometimes, and they have plastic caps on the top of the frame legs which is pretty tacky. The KH-Onza hub and crankset on the Onza uni is pretty bitchy to put together and maintain, similar to the Profile hub and crankset. You’d be far better off with some sort of ISIS set like on the KH07, or the 8 spline KH2004 hub and crankset seen on the Nimbus Hoppley.

the 07 KH is cheep and good. it is the best stock unicycle. custom building one is cool because you can say “their is only one unicycle in the world like this one.” unfortunately they are more expensive and depending on the wheel set you might have to build it yourself.

Where are you finding the KH07 for so cheap, has them for 500+, while the quax are in the 330 range

theyre cheap compared to how freaking good they are.

but still expensive

I’d say the XTP is the best stock unicycle, if only because of the frame :astonished:

why? its way expensive and nobody breaks trials frames anyway (unless they are torker). the kh frame is just as good.

In regards to the original question:

Out of the options you listed i would go with the last one. i havent actually ridden the qu-ax aluminium frame but it looks good and is pretty much the same design as the koxx, only lighter. plus the fusion street saddle is better than the koxx saddle.

i agree that the onza has a horrible frame but the rest of it is good. there is nothing wrong with the hub/crankset despite what people say. if you were going to spend that much though, i would save a bit extra and get the kh because they are sweeeeet. you will eventually need to upgrade the pedals and seatpost, and maybe the seatbase but apart from that everything else is as good as it gets.


Edit: Sponge whats wrong with the kh rims?

yeah i tried an onza one and didnt like the frame, its too wide…

I guess i’ll just have to bargain for the KH07, I mean its only £20 more than the Koxx…

I’ll check the qu-ax too though… that looks pretty good


I have built two unis now, my Muni and my trials. I like them far more than any Koxx, KH or the like. You can make it just how you want it, and you will be so much more proud of it. It is wayy expensive to do it like that though!

Thats my opinion anyway.

Rock on!

P.s, Are you from the UK?

well i’m abotu to talk to my financial advisor… (my parents) and i’ll see… problem is i’m not too sure on building my own wheel… though the local bike shop said they would do it for £20.

okay i made a config for a trials uni on
and here goes :

20/24 Inch Qu-ax Alu Frame Trials/Muni (is the koxx frame any good?)
20 x 2.5 Inch Maxxis Trials Tire (is the new monty 2.7" better? and wot about the onza sticky fingers?)
Hub - Kris Holm ISIS 2007
Crank - Kris Holm 2007
Cranklenght 125mm (is this length ok? thats wot the KH street has)
Seat Post 27.2mm Try All - Reinforced
Saddle - Kris Holm Fusion Street/Trials 2007 (should i get the koxx trials seat instead?)
Factory of Madness Admiral Pedals
Rim - 19 Inch Trials Kris Holm 36 Holes (should I get the DX32?)
20 x 2.5 - 2.7 Inch with Schrader valve - for trials

is there any way of getting the myata saddle to fit on a 27.2mm seatpost? I cant seem to find a seatpost for myata in 27.2mm or even 25.4mm

This comes to £220 without shipping, i’d have to add £20 to build the wheel and w/e for the spokes.

Is that frame the same as my frames? Coz if it is, The ISIS Hub/crankset will not fit. I have heard good things about the Koxx frame though.
I can’t give you any advice on the Monty or onza tires. I can say that I have ridden the Creepy crawler and the luna, and MUCH prefer the Luna, its way grippier and doesn’t fold as much.
125mm cranks are what most people use for street/trials, I love 'em cos you can go pretty fast but there is also a bit of power there.

Ring, im sure Roger will be very helpful!

Hope that helps!

Rock on!

For the seatpostgo with a crmo one you will break the alu one easily.

yeah i’ve heard that i wasnt paying attention, I want to get a crmo one.

and wot hub/crankset will fit then? just the qu-ax ones? they say they ship it with sims or sommit on the site

Yep, qu-ax (The yellow one), onza, KH/Onza, UDC cromo should all fit. Any ISIS will NOT fit. Yes the frame comes with shims but because ISIS is tapered the splines would not engage properly, they need to be pushed fully on the shaft to work, whereas the onza or similar will work if the cranks are not fully pushed on the shaft.

Hope thats helps!

Rock on!

P.s, Do you know about the London ride? Its on the 28th, which is this sunday, Details here!

okay cool thanks.

yeah the london ride, well i live in ivybridge (near plymouth) in devon, so its kinda far to go, and i have school on the monday, so i cant really make it. sorry

Nah, thats cool! Just making sure you knew about it!

Good luck with the new uni!

Rock on!


the KH frame is lighter than the XTP. The best stock unicycle is the KH 07
only things to upgrade: CF seatbase and lighter pedals (only if you like)
You can safe nearly 200g in the pedals when changing Snafuf to Magnesiumpedals like these:

They only weight 380g / pair
Afaik Snafus are nearly 600g / pair

Those look nice. =p

How much do they cost?